Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year! ♥

Hello Friends!  

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  My day was peaceful and restful and we definitely made the best of the situation we are currently in. 

Christmas eve, which is when we usually have our big celebration was when we felt it the most, but we know we are doing what's best for now so we can have a BIG celebration next year! Thanks to zoom John got to see his cousins and we all got to wish each other a good evening.  

We were up early Christmas morning to open Santa presents (yes, Santa still comes! : ) and then we watched A Christmas Story over cinnamon rolls and eggnog.  

In the afternoon I cooked a cozy pork roast dinner and spent the day in my slippers.  I tried to look for the bright spots and having a leisurely day not rushing around was something I truly enjoyed.  After dinner we played a movie trivia game that John got from Santa and that was really fun!  

Covid Christmas 2020 is done and we made it through!  We did it.  

Now on to a new year and better days ahead. 

The week in between Christmas and New Years has always been one of my favorite weeks of the year.  It's a week of rest and recharging after the holiday. 

I use this time to reflect on where I've been and also what I look forward to in the new year.  My list is long!  Longer than usual as I'm sure everyone's is.  

My tree comes down tomorrow and Christmas is being put away.  As sad as it is to pack up the holiday decorations I really love starting the new year off with a clean slate.  I'm anxious to start writing in my planner and get myself organized.  Do you make resolutions?  I do.  I like to call them intentions or goals for the new year.  Maybe it's all in my head but when I decided to do something I like to have a starting a point and what better starting point than January 1st?! I'll share my list next week and I'd love to hear some of your goals as well.  

 So let's celebrate on making it through this emotionally challenging year and say our prayers that the next one will be better!  Cheers!! 

Happy New Year! xoxo  

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello Friends! Merry Christmas Eve! 

The other night we got the opportunity to visit  La Salette Shrine. At Christmastime they do a beautiful lights display.  It's a walk though, all outdoors so we were able to safely socially distance while enjoying the beautiful lights.  It was such a touching experience, as the music played, to truly remember the reason for the season and especially during these tough times, just how lucky we are.  Better days are ahead.  


We made our Christmas wishes and said prayers for the new year.  
We even got a glimpse of the Christmas star!
(well, we think we did...: ) 

I want to wish all of you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday!  We'll be cozy at home.  I'm cooking a roast dinner and we'll enjoy a slow, easy day.  We'll talk to family & friends over zoom and text.  It will be a holiday we'll never forget, that's for sure.  I'll be thinking of you all.  

Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart!!! xoxox 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Frosty Friday ♥

Hello Everyone! 

Well, as promised a storm came rolling in yesterday.  In my area we got about 12 inches which was more than enough for me.  Not fun to shovel, but very pretty to look at.  

My favorite thing about a snow storm is the day after.  All is calm and still and all that's left is to just enjoy the beauty of it.  It's about 28 degrees today and much of yesterday's snow is now ice.  Imagine how crunchy that ground would be if you were to walk down there?!  I did it as kid many times! 
Now I'll just admire the view 


Looks like we are going to have a white Christmas after all! 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.  I've very relieved all my shopping is done and wrapped so no rushing around for me this year.  We plan to have a nice quiet weekend. More movies, more cocoa, and more cookie baking.  Just what I need! LOL

Want to hear something funny?  "Santa" (aka - me!) brought me a 2021 planner for Christmas.  It's all wrapped and sitting under the tree.  It's taken every ounce of will power I have not to rip it open and start writing in it! My mind is flowing with so many lists and "to-do's" for the new year.  I can't wait to get organized and start filling in that book.  Do you feel that way at the end of a year? It happens to me every time! 

Enjoy these last few days before the BIG day.  It's coming fast :)  

Stay cozy! xoxo  

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

What's in my Christmas Heart ♥

Hello Friends!  

Happy Wednesday!  As I type this post it's mid afternoon and we are expecting a huge snowstorm tonight.  I expect to wake up to a foot of snow in the morning.  Yup, winter is here.  

It's hard to believe Christmas is only 1 week away.  In some ways it doesn't feel like Christmas but the snow this evening will definitely help the feeling.  After John goes to sleep tonight I'm going to make myself a big mug of tea and finish wrapping his presents.  I don't know if anyone else has this feeling at Christmas time, but I always seem to be fighting a touch of sadness.  My mind wanders back to a time when John was a baby.  Those first Christmas's with him were just the best. I don't think I'll ever be that happy again.  I can picture him, a chubby little bald baby, playing with his beloved Thomas Trains under the tree....happy as can be.  I feel so blessed to have those memories, back in our old living room in the house I used to live in 

Don't get me wrong, I love every age, but those baby memories make my heart ache.  Ache with sadness because I wish I could go back and live them all again, but also ache with happiness because I can hold those memories in my heart forever.  I'm grateful that I can still play Santa and wait for him to go to sleep to wrap presents.  Even though now he knows I'm doing it, it's still fun.  And Christmas eve is still exciting.  Thank Goodness!  

We were talking this morning about the snow coming and John was reminiscing about how he used to LOVE to play in the snow.  I would bundle him up so much he looked like the kid in A Christmas Story.  He could hardly walk or see!  He would literally just roll down the hill in our front yard and not be able to get up. He loved every minute of it.  So did I. 

Christmas break starts on Friday and we're planning to go see lights this weekend and also start a movie marathon. We're making new memories everyday and I know I'll look back on this time in our lives with as much fondness as the baby days. 

  I've got to finish up my work and prepare for my wrapping tonight.  I think I'll watch White Christmas while I'm doing it.  

Have a wonderful day everyone! I'll keep you posted on the snow! 

Fingers crossed it's not too much : ) 



Friday, December 11, 2020

Wrapping Up Another Week & Weekend Plans ♥

Hello Friends! 

I thought you'd like to see my parent's Christmas tree.  We got it decorated this week.  It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions because the ornaments hold so many memories. 
I think she came out pretty good this year 

 I can't believe it's Friday already.  My work has been busy so the days have flown by.  I'm alone most of the day tap-tapping away on my computer.  I love listening to podcasts while I work and occasionally glancing out the window or stepping out on the back porch for a breath of air. 

I love fresh winter air.  There's nothing like it 

My Dad's homemade chicken soup makes for a delicious lunch ♥ 

It's gotten quite cold here and we've been putting our hot chocolate bar to good use.  I don't know why I've never done this before.  Somehow having a "hot chocolate station" makes it just a bit more special. 
We are having fun with toppings :)


I received this book as a gift last year and it has so many cozy comfort food recipes in it.  I didn't have much time last winter to experiment with it, but I do now.  There is a potato soup in here that has my name on it.  Planning it for next week.

My weekend plans include wrapping presents, planning our Christmas menu, and watching this movie.  If you've never seen The Bishop's Wife then stop everything and go watch it.  It's wonderful and as corny as I am and that's why I love it. I wish our world had more Carey Grant's in it.  It would be a better place, don't you think? 

Have a Merry Weekend Friends!  Christmas is coming and I'm already dreaming of 2021!

Better days ahead! 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Wrapping up the week ♥

Hello Friends! As I type this post it's Sunday morning and I am propped up in my bed, cozy under a blanket, and pillows all around me.  I'm on my second cup of coffee. It seems to be working it's caffeine magic enough for me to write this post : ) 

I can see the sun is shining.  Yesterday we had torrential rain!  A good portion of our state got snow, but not us.  Just rain and wind.  John and I went out in the morning to do a few quick errands and we got soaked. It was OK though, because it made the peppermint mocha I got at Dunkin Donuts taste that much better.  

John had 3 DVD's due at the library and I wanted to recheck a book I'm reading.  We are lucky that our library is still open, although the way things are going I'm afraid it's days are numbered.  I finished all my Christmas shopping yesterday also! Wooo-hoo!!! Most of it was done online (thank you AMAZON!) but there were a few small items that I had to go to Target for.  We were quick - in and out - and I'm so glad it's done.  Now all I have to do is wrap and ship a few things.  Packages are starting to arrive at my doorstep and what a feeling that is!  How lucky are we to have online shopping.  Our grandmothers would never have imagined it! 

A few things from my week that have brought me joy...

This book is sooooo good! Lately I've been so tired that if I try to read at night I fall asleep, so I'm trying to make time during the day to read.  20 minutes here, 15 minutes there.  I love it.  I'm always wanting more.  

Putting my hot chocolate station to good use.  Melty marshmallows are the best. 

This lotion is divine!  I have it by my computer while I'm working.  I'm applying it all day to my extremely DRY hands.  The scent is Christmas in a bottle. 

Here's a pro tip.  If you are too lazy to make a crust for your chicken pot pie, use Pillsbury Grands!  
Cut each one into quarters and layer them on top.  Cook at 375 for 15-20 minutes.  


Did you see the moon this week?  

She was a beauty~ 

Me forcing him to take a selfie.  I'm smiling under my mask.  I guarantee he was not. LOL 

Christmas baking has begun! On Friday I whipped up a batch of raspberry thumbprint cookies.  They are one of my favorite holiday treats.  I have a video on my YouTube channel that I made last year of me making them if you want to check it out.  They are very easy to make! 

A perfect little tea cookie 

And speaking of tea, my new obsession is  Twining's Winter Spice.  

Every night 

If I ever get out of this warm bed I'm going to make another batch of thumbprints and maybe some sugar cookies.  I have a busy work week ahead so I'll need some extra reinforcements....if you know what I mean!  It's ok, the diet doesn't start until January. 

 I need more coffee and I see a pile of laundry that needs to be done.  I have so much to do but no motivation to do it. Just 5 more minutes....

Have a cozy Sunday everyone!  xoxo 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Hello December! ♥

Well Hello December! 

Just because I'm working from home doesn't mean I can't put on a pretty Christmas sweater and have a little fun.  A gift from a special friend that really made my day!  We all need little pick-me-ups these days and this one did it for me.  

  I hope this month brings you peace, love, and joy.  The truth is it's not always easy is it?  I'm well aware of that.  The holidays are not the best times for everyone. Especially these days. I look at where I was this time last year and my circumstances are gravely different.  Life is like that.  I hope by next year I'll be celebrating with friends and family, passing eggnog, and exchanging gifts in the Christmas grab.  

For now I'll continue shopping online and trying to make up new traditions that our family can enjoy while we are housebound.  It's ok.  We are ok.  I'm thankful for this little blog of mine because I can connect with all of you.  This time of year I so enjoy seeing your stories, your homes, and your traditions.  Blogging is and has always been a gift to me 

Happy December Friends.  Let's not put too much pressure on ourselves this month.  


It's so true 
Have a cozy day! 

Monday, November 30, 2020

A Covid Thanksgiving and getting Christmassy ♥

Hello Friends!  

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!  Like most of us, our day was quiet.  I decided to start a new tradition... decorating the tree on Thanksgiving!  I thought it would give us something special to do on Thanksgiving morning, so I purposely waited to put the tree up until the night before. That morning, I brought out the decorations and off we went.  Since 2020 has been so upside-down, why not?! There are no rules to these things, are there?
Do what you like, I say.  And this is what I like. 

I think most of you know that we live upstairs from my parents.  It's been a blessing because all through Covid we've been quarantining with them which means we get to celebrate the holidays together. 

My Dad's delicious turkey! 

Our Thanksgiving was delicious and still remains my favorite meal of the year.  We had a very relaxing dinner and spent the afternoon basking in our fullness.  It was nice to be able to stay in stretchy pants and not have to rush around.  It was rainy and I was quite content being home.  
Belly full. Tree decorated.  Me happy! 

After dinner we had a zoom call with some of Rob's family that was fun.  It was nice to be able to see everyone.  Although, I sometimes feel very awkward on zoom.  I never know whose talking to me so I mainly just look and listen.  Am I the only one who feels that way?  Regardless, it's the way of the future and I'm still getting used to it.  We are lucky to have the technology! 
The Christmas Eve zoom is already in the planning stages.  

Back to home, I'm starting to feel the Christmas spirit.  I love having a tree in the house.  One of things I love most about Christmas is seeing the Christmas tree lit up in the very early darkness of the morning.  Drinking coffee while the tree glows is one of my favorite things and a lovely way to start a day. 

Our tree is small and very imperfect and that's just the way I like my trees.  A few years ago when we moved we downsized a lot of things, and one of them was our tree.  The problem is I didn't downsize the amount of ornaments I decorate with.  So hence, this tree is fully loaded with decorations.  I just can't bear to leave any off.  Rob always says it's the ornaments that make the tree, not the tree itself.  
I agree. 

Our weekend was spent eating leftovers (which I think we can all agree are the best part :) and our fair share of napping.
 Why does eating make you so tired?  It's the magic of the turkey.....😴

So now there's things to do like shopping and wrapping and card writing.  I'm taking my time, how about you?  This spot is just too cozy.

Have a wonderful day my friends! Can you believe tomorrow is December 1st?  
Are you feeling Christmassy yet?

Stay safe and be well! xoxo  


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Funny Story...

I've said before and I'll say it again... One of the things I love most about this little blog of mine is its a place to store my memories.  From very serious events to the most lighthearted moments. Everything I want to remember about my life is right here, and I love that. 

 I was scrolling though some old posts today searching for a recipe and I came across this little story that I shared years ago.  It's still funny to me, and if you know my husband you'll know why.... 

(I copied this excerpt from my blog post in 2013! 

One Sunday Rob was watching a football game and I offered him some hot cider.  To my delight he said yes.  I prepared it for him and put it an a fancy mug with a cinnamon stick.  "Enjoy!" I said as I left the room.  A little while later when I came back to collect the cup I noticed the cinnamon stick was gone.... I asked how he liked the cider and he said it was really good, but he didn't care for the cookie! OMG - he ate the cinnamon stick!!! Has anyone ever eaten a cinnamon stick??? I didn't think it was possible???  When I told him that he wasn't supposed to actually EAT the cinnamon stick he said "good, because it tasted terrible".  True story ♥

I remember this day so clearly and the feeling of confusion and shock when I realized the cinnamon stick was gone.  He didn't??? Yep, he did! LOL  

Looking back on this story now I was thinking to myself why did he continue eating the cinnamon stick if he thought it tasted awful? It must have been not to hurt my feelings, and that's really sweet. 

And there you go.  Thank you old self for documenting this on the blog.  I got a chuckle today and I hope you did too!  😄

PS - Here's the link to the post if you want to see how I prepare the hot cider.  I still prepare it this way.  In fact, I had some yesterday! : ) 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

A Socially Distanced Visit ♥

Hello Friends! 

This is what visiting family looks like in 2020.  

Today was my mother in laws birthday.  We haven't seen her in months and we won't be seeing any family for Thanksgiving so today we stopped by for a short visit.  

We stayed outdoors on their patio the entire time.  It was a chilly day (44 degrees) but my father in law lit this toasty fire and set up some heaters for us.  Just like outdoor dining in the city! : ) 


My mother in law had blankets in case we needed them, but we didn't.  We all dressed in layers and were quite comfortable. She prepared some snacks for us... all in individual baggies.  Even the marshmallows for the hot chocolate were in individual bags so we didn't have to touch anything.  

She thought of everything 

It's amazing what you take for granted. 

We ordered pizza and sat around the fire and talked.  We had so much fun catching up in person!  The sad part is that now that the weather is getting colder who knows when we'll be able to do it again.

 But I'm grateful for today.  

It was a lovely afternoon and I'm so glad we were able do it.  I know so many people where it's just not possible for them to see family or friends, so I know how lucky I am.  

Someday we will look back on these times and wonder how we got through it.  But we will get through it.  And it will be wonderful (Sitting indoors, enjoying a meal, hugs! Can't wait!) 

I hope you all are having a nice Sunday.  We are home now.  Getting warm.  Some of us are napping.  Some are watching football.  I'm having tea talking to you : ) 

I can't believe this week is Thanksgiving, which means another round of pumpkin pie!  Something else I'm eternally grateful for! (because it's so good!)

Happy new week, friends! 

Stay safe & cozy!  xo