Friday, June 25, 2021

The Peaceful Calm of the Ocean ♥

Good Morning Friends.  Friday already.  Where did the week go?  

I wanted to show you my favorite thing about this week...

 A twilight visit to the ocean.  The best time in my opinion.  The crowds have gone home and the sun is setting.  No scorching heat.  Just the quiet lapping of the waves and the smell of salt in the air.  

It was actually chilly and I had sweatpants and a sweatshirt on.  Totally cozy and I loved it! 

What is it about the ocean that makes you feel like everything will be ok?  

It's magical I tell you 


Fall will always have my heart, but this experience is something I absolutely love about summer.  I see my dreams in those waves.  The fresh air in my lungs refreshes me.  And I can't resist the crackling of a good fire.  

I went home and slept so peacefully that night 

Can't wait to go back next week.

Have a lovely weekend friends.  It's going to be another hot one here! 

Byeeeee xoxox 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Pavlova ♥

Hello Friends! 

I've had this recipe on my to-do list for ages! Pavlova is a meringue base dessert. It's crispy on the outside and fluffy like marshmallow on the inside.  Top it with fresh whipped cream and berries and you've got a delicious light dessert that's perfect for summer!  

I have always been intimidated to make the meringue.  I thought it would be easy to burn....which it is.  Luckily I had heaven on my side and I was able to pull it off!  


I used this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction.  She also gives plenty of tips and tricks on making meringues!

All you need are 4 egg whites, sugar, vanilla, cornstarch, and cream of tarter (which can be substituted with lemon juice or vinegar). 

Whip it up in a mixer and bake it! 

Isn't this beautiful?! 

And very satisfying! : )  

To make the correct size I traced a 9" baking pan on a piece of parchment paper as a guide.  

It bakes for 90 minutes and then you shut the oven off and let it rest in there for several hours to cool.  Resist the urge to touch it.  You can see (on the top right) where I tapped it a little too hard and it cracked.  It's ok though, cracks are common and it will all be covered with whip cream anyway! 

Time to assemble! 

Whip some fresh cream sweetened with sugar & vanilla.  Spread it on and the gently add your fruit on top.  
I say "gently" because the meringue is still delicate.

When ready to serve, I cut it like a pie.  It was so delicious!! 

I'm looking forward to making this again and experimenting with different fruits.  I'm thinking peaches for my next one 

We had leftovers the next day, which were a bit soggy but still yummy! It didn't stop us from finishing every bit of it! 

This could be my new summer go-to dessert : )

  Happy Wednesday Friends!  xoxox

Monday, June 21, 2021

Wedding in Newport! ♥

Good Morning Friends and happy Monday!

I hope you all had a nice weekend!  

We spent the weekend in Newport, Rhode Island celebrating Rob's sister Sara, who got married Friday night. Newport is about an hour and half drive for us, right on the waterfront. It's known for it's beautiful views, historical mansions, and delicious seafood (which I certainly took advantage of!). 

We were blessed with amazing weather, the cutest hotel room, and the most fun I've had in a long time. 
PLUS I got to see John in a suit which made me the most happy! 


We arrived on Thursday afternoon to check into our hotel.  We had some time to kill before meeting up with family for the rehearsal dinner, so we got an ice cream and took a walk around town.  So beautiful and quaint! 

We stayed at the Newport Bay Club & Hotel. I highly recommend it! It was right on the water and a 5 minute walk to all the shops and the wedding venue. We never had to move our car, which was great since parking is limited.  

It was the cutest room with a living room & kitchenette.  We got a one bedroom suite and John slept on the pull out sofa. 

View out our front windows...

View out the back windows...

Got a quick coffee before the rehearsal. We sat and watched the boats. 

In case you're wondering I had the chowder and the lobster salad sandwich, which was on a croissant roll.  So gooooood!!! 

At the wedding I had salmon.  I wasn't lying when I said I took full advantage of the seafood! LOL 

John and I with my niece, nephew, and the priest that married us 23 years ago! 


The next morning I had time to lounge in the hotel while Rob & John had breakfast with my brother in law and father in law.  Ooooh how I love to relax alone in a hotel room.  It was bliss! 

And then it was time for the wedding.  This is look #2! 

The hotel also had good lighting which I really appreciated!!!  : ) 

(FYI - my dress is from Macy's and my makeup & earrings are from Madison Marie Bridal )


My sister in law in pink : ) 

My brother in law (Rob's brother) walked my mother in law down the isle ♥

Sara looked gorgeous! And that veil!!!  

Congratulations Sara & Chris! 


With my in laws.... 

We had such a fun night.  I danced the night away and I'm still feeling it in my legs! ugh..

The next morning we met up with everyone for a delicious brunch and then we headed home.  In no time at all I unpacked, did laundry, grocery shopped and was back in my sweats which I will remain in all week : ) 

What a fun weekend we had celebrating Sara & Chris and a perfect way to kick off the summer!

Happy Monday Friends! Have a great day!!!  xoxo