Friday, December 23, 2022

Merry Christmas!!! ♥

Well Friends, the time has come! It's here! The eve of Christmas eve. 

I'll be spending today in my little kitchen cooking and baking, singing Christmas songs, and making a big beautiful holiday mess : ) 

I'll be making pies, thumbprint cookies, and chocolate bark.  To get a jump on Sunday I'll roast butternut squash, peel potatoes, organize dishes & linens, and get the Christmas crackers ready for the table.  The turkey is thawing and my mom is in charge of the stuffing. We are busy bees over here, but I will still take time to relax later and have a cup of my Christmas tea by the tree.  

It's what I was meant to do and I love it 

From my family to yours, I'm wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 

Have a wonderful holiday and a happy & healthy new year! 

Love and blessings to you all!! 

Stay safe, warm, and of course....cozy


Monday, December 19, 2022

Random Photo Monday ♥

Good Monday Morning Friends! It's Christmas week! 

I took last week off from this little space of mine to get everything I needed to get done so I could have this week to relax and get ready for the big day.  I set myself that goal every year.  Sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't.  

Thankfully, this worked.  I'm all shopped & wrapped, cards are mailed, and halls are decked.  All that's left is to make a food list and go to the grocery store at the end of the week.  The cooking and baking are my favorite part of the holidays so I'm very much looking forward to an all day baking session on Friday.  

My goal for the beginning of the week is to take care of myself.  Rest, eat good food, and enjoy these precious days leading up to Christmas.  Quiet mornings by the tree and movie nights with my family, snuggled up under blankets & drinking hot drinks.  How many times can we watch Elf is the question?  I think we're up to 3 or 4 times already! 

We had a bit of snow last week, but it turned to rain.  The skies are clear now (as are the roads) so that's a good thing.  It's coooold though.  Every morning I step out back to look at the river and take a deep breath of air.  It feels good to go back inside after that and have a hot coffee with breakfast.  I've made some comfort food this past week: beef stew, roast chicken (in a cast iron skillet!), homemade pizza, and last night I make lentil soup.  I love serving a hot, hearty meal this time of year.  Lots of salads, veggies, and soups to keep us strong and healthy. 

99% of my wardrobe last week was pajamas.  I shower, get ready, and put on a fresh pair.  I'm cozy and comfy, and surprisingly productive given how comfortable I am! However I could lapse into a nap at any given moment.  And if I do...well, that's ok 

Rob make us espresso Sunday morning after Church and it was delightful.  

I forgot how much I loved it.  He must do that more often 

A gift basket that I had to photograph before I dove into it.  

I just love a gift basket! 


If you stopped by this is how you would probably find me. 

Pj's & glasses, but always lipstick : ) 


Wishing you all a very merry week.  I hope you give yourself some grace this week.  Take time for yourself and rest, rest, rest. Everything will get done as it should.  Tonight I plan on giving myself a manicure while watching Holiday Baking Championship on the Food Network.  That's my "self care" for the evening.  

Stay cozy my friends! It's almost Christmas!! Thank you for stopping by today.  I'll be around to visit your blogs too! : ) 


Monday, December 12, 2022

Happy Snowy Monday ♥

Good Monday Morning Friends! 

We had our first proper snow last night.  Just enough to make everything look like it has a coating of powdered sugar!  It's hard believe that only a few short weeks ago this view was a sea of yellow, orange, and gold.  Winter is upon us.  

I love the first snow of the year.  I stepped outside to snap these pictures and the air felt so fresh and clean. It's peaceful as can be.  All I could here was our windchimes.  Only 26 degrees today.  Back inside I go where it's cozy and the coffee it hot.  


I love working from home.  Especially in the winter.  
No commute and you can't beat the dress code.  Let's just say I'm very comfy today : ) 

Yesterday we visited The Enchanted Village at Jordan's Furniture.  If you're not from Massachusetts you've probably never heard of it.  Jordan's is a big beautiful furniture store that acquired and restored the original Christmas display that The Jordan Marsh department store used to set up in downtown Boston in the 1960's & 1970's.  Every year at Christmas time they set it up and you can walk through it and get all the vintage Christmassy feels. Music plays and when Bing Crosby sings "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" it snows

Love, love, love! 

It's all free, the only catch is you have to walk through the entire furniture store to exit.  That's good marketing I guess.  I don't mind because I actually LOVE furniture stores.  I get so many good decorating ideas. 

Once upon a time Rob and I bought all our furniture for our first house at this store. We would come here on Friday nights and pay our "lay away" bills.  Remember "lay away?"

 I don't think it exists anymore 

And on the way out I was sure to grab a box of the famous Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins, only available at Christmastime.  

They are so yummy! 

A heated muffin with melty butter made for a yummy breakfast this morning as I admired the snow.  

And do you know what the best part of the weekend was?

You guessed it!  

Look who finished all her wrapping!! (and the angels rejoiced!) 


I feel like a weight lifted as I enter into a new week.  Sending you all the coziest vibes and hopes for a lovely Monday.  Time to pour another coffee peppermint mocha and start my day. 

13 day to go! Eeeek!  


Thursday, December 8, 2022

I Hate Wrapping But Love All the Pretty Things!

Hello cozy Friends! 

How are you?  Can you believe we are only 17 days away from Christmas?! 

Are you ready?  I'm getting there.  This weekend I'm going to wrap gifts and then I'll be in great shape!  Have I mentioned how much I hate wrapping?  Well, it's my most hated chore.  It's because I stink at it. I always leave it to the bitter end, but once I'm done I breathe a GREAT sigh of relief : ) 

My plan is to watch It's a Wonderful Life, make hot chocolate, and get it done.  Rob will give me an occasional "thumbs up" or "good work" from his place on the couch as he watches me.  I can't complain though.  He'll say he leaves it to me because I do a better job than him.  This is true. And from what I just told you, that's not saying much! LOL 

Don't you just love all the pretty things this time of year?  Candles, books, plants, sparkly lights, and sentimental ornaments.  Even candy canes are pretty!   

Here is a quick tour of some pretty things in my house. 

My tree reflecting in the mirror is pretty! 

I dried oranges this week for a garland 


...and did a simmering pot with the leftover orange slices, lemons, rosemary, cranberries, and cinnamon sticks.  My house smelled like Williams Sonoma : ) 


I'm trying to be more minimal these days with my decorations. 

I actually like it a lot better the less I have.  It makes what I do put out more meaningful.  

Plants always. 

 I keep trying not to kill them.
 (fingers crossed with this Christmas cactus!)

My favorite holiday hand lotion.  It smells like a winter forest. 

I have it on my desk and use it all day while I'm working.  I love the packaging too.

 Pretty ornaments that catch my eye make me smile.  

This is an oldie (but goodie!). 

A new lip gloss to make my lips feel pretty.  Once again the packaging got me! 

And this.  

The one new piece of décor I treated myself to this year.  Because I am Mrs. Clause! 

I only wish I had elves to help me wrap! 

Happy December Days my friends! I hope all is well and you are enjoying your pretty things! 

(If you are done with your wrapping, I'm jealous!)  

Stay cozy!! xoxo 

Friday, December 2, 2022

December is here! ♥

Hello Friends! Happy December! 

It's such a nice feeling waking up to a Christmas tree in the house.  The first thing I do in the morning is switch it on so it glows and lights up the room.  I think my favorite time of day in December is early morning with the tree, when it's still quiet and the sun hasn't risen yet.  It's nice to spend some peaceful moments watching it sparkle.  December days can be so busy and hectic.  My to do list is overwhelming sometimes so it's important for me to ease into the day.  Everything will get done eventually.  For now it's just me and the tree.  Even though all the decorations are up and we've been watching Home Alone and Elf on repeat, I'm still amazed it's already December.  As a child time stood still this time of year.  It took FORVER for Christmas to come. As an adult, time slips away so quickly.  I feel like in a blink it will be New Years.   

I'm excited it's finally December so I can start my Advent calendar!! We got two this year and I've had them tucked away for weeks, just dying to crack into them.  John has a chocolate one and I got myself (Merry Christmas to me!) this cute English Tea Shop one.  I'm obsessed with their teas lately and this calendar has some flavors I haven't tried yet.  


I got it off Amazon (here).  

It's so darling! 


Yesterday's selection was a cozy winter chai.  So good! I've already peeked (of course I did) and today's tea will be "festive spice" which by the smell I think will be a cinnamon based tea. It's lovely to have a treat to look forward to everyday.  It's the little things, right?! 


John said his chocolate yesterday was just "ok" so I'm hoping today's will be a little tastier for him.  Speaking of tasty, I wanted to share with you a quick meal I made this week, which by the way is my lunch today.  Chicken broccoli and ziti. It's such an easy pasta dish!  I top it with toasted breadcrumbs like my mother always does and had a salad on the side.  I made a homemade vinaigrette for the first time and that went over very will too : ) 

Tomorrow there is a Christmas Bizarre at John's school that we are going to.  I love seeing all the homemade items.  Years ago my mother did craft shows at Christmas time.  She would spend months painting and sewing various things to be sold.  She loved it, but I know how much work went into it.  It was a labor of love, that's for sure.  Last year I picked up a few painted ornaments and some fudge.  If luck is on my side, the fudge lady will be back this year.  Fingers crossed! 

Have a wonderful and festive weekend, friends!  

Stay cozy! xoox