Friday, October 30, 2020

Happy Halloween! ♥

Hello Friends. Happy Friday! 

So this is happening right now....

 Our first snowfall!

One of the earliest I can remember.  It won't amount to much as rain is washing most of it away but no denying that IS October! Shall I start playing the Christmas music now?! 

I can hardly believe tomorrow is Halloween!  October went by in a blink.  It was colorful and beautiful and thankfully nature did not disappoint me.  Today's heavy rain/snow mix will surly take more leaves off the trees and we turn our clocks back this weekend.  I heard on the news Sunday's sunset will be at 4:30.  I don't mind it.  It just means one more hour of candle burning,  cozy couch sitting, and sleeping which is ok by me.  We'll make it work.  Just like every year.  I went grocery shopping this morning and got ingredients for chicken pot pie, chili, and a roast dinner.  All comfort foods.  I blame the snow.  

We are spending a quiet night at home tomorrow.  I promised John a festive dinner and a scary movie (his choice) BUT before any of that happens we'll be watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  I thank the Lord we own the DVD because I'm so upset it's not airing on network TV this year. I mean....what???  Who's idea was this?  Charlie Brown is an American treasure and a holiday tradition.  How dare they deprive those of us that don't have apple tv of that joy.  Whoever you are, I'm holding a grudge.  And don't even get me going on A Charlie Brown Christmas.  What is this world coming to? 

ok, I'm glad I got that off my chest.... carry on now.... :)

Sadly John isn't dressing up this year, but to get us in a festive mood (and because I wanted to reminisce a little) here are a few pictures of John from Halloweens gone by.  It seems like only yesterday I was taking him by the hand to our neighbors door to trick or treat. I wish I could go back to those days!  

I was crazy about this St. Bernard costume.  He did not feel the same. lol 

Dracula a few years later.  He LOVED this one! 

Elvis!  70's version 

2015 vs. 2019

John is guilty of repeating costumes.  Also themes.  

Food was IT for a few years. 

And then there's this.

The candy sort. 

 I remember this day.  It was the morning after Halloween.  Clearly the sugar high hadn't worn of yet!

I'm grateful to have so many happy Halloween memories to look back on.  This year will indeed be different, but still memorable.  And even better, I won't be gaining any extra candy weight because there won't be a candy stash to raid after everyone goes to bed! For the sake of my waistline maybe some traditions should be broken : ) 

However you are celebrating tomorrow I hope you have a safe and happy evening!

Happy Halloween Friends!!  I'll see you in November! 


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

3 Soups to Warm Your Heart ♥

Hello Friends! 

Today I'm sharing with you 3 of my favorite soup recipes.  Now is the time of year when I start adding soup to our weekly dinner menu.  I like to make a bit pot for Sunday dinner and then we can enjoy leftovers during the week.  Since I'm working from home I like knowing there is soup in the fridge I can heat up for a hot lunch.  Seriously, is there anything better than a bowl of soup on a cold day?  Here's three of my favorites.  

Since I've already written blog posts on all of these just click the link to take you to the recipe : ) 

♥ Pasta Fagioli Soup  (Rob's all time favorite) 

It starts with a base of garlic, onion, and pancetta.  It's easier to make than you think.  It comes together quick.  Add some warm, crusty bread to dip, and your heart (and belly) will be happy. 

♥ Butternut Squash & Apple Soup 

Don't let the apple scare you.  The apple isn't overbearing, it just adds a hint of sweetness.  Also hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of cayenne pepper make this soup one of my favorites. 

♥ Tuscan Veggie Soup 

Chopping the veggies is well worth the effort.  This is a hearty soup that is so good for you.  I add shreds of fresh parmesan that slowly melt into the goodness of the soup.  It's SO delicious! 

What are some of your favorite soups?  I would love to try some new recipes 

Well, that's it for today.  As I type this post it's pouring rain out and I'm grateful to be inside in my cozy cocoon today.  Do you have Halloween plans?  No trick or treating for us this year.  We plan on staying in and watching a scary movie (not sure which one yet...suggestions??).  Our dinner menu will be mummy dogs and our favorite turkey chili, with something sweet and spooky for dessert of course!

Have a nice day everyone! Thanks for stopping by today for a cup of soup. 

Stay safe and cozy! xx

Monday, October 26, 2020

It's Monday Already

Good Morning Everyone!  Just popping in to say a quick hello. The weekend went by so fast.  We spend it mostly at home in our pj's....drinking hot beverages and watching TV.  I'd call that a successful weekend, wouldn't you? 

 October is rolling on and the leaves are falling.  Today is drizzly and dark.  I'll be tap-tapping away at my keyboard for most of the day. Work is busy and I'm not complaining about that. My pumpkin candle is lit and the coffee pot is full.  The news is bleak so I've shut it off.  I have soft music playing so as to create a nice little cocoon for myself today.  It's been cold enough to put the heat on, just to take the chill out of the house.  You know that smell of the heater when you first flip it on for the season? I'm smelling that right now  :) 

Yesterday I made a ham with scalloped potatoes, so that's dinner tonight.  Don't you love it when there are left overs in the house? I do. I just put in a load of laundry, so I guess I'm multitasking.  That's the beauty of working from home.  It's not as easy as I thought it would be, but at least I'm always caught up on my laundry! lol

Have a wonderful day my friends.  I'm thinking of you today.  Sending you all good vibes for a beautiful week.

Stay cozy! xo   

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Susan Branch's German Pancake (with apples!) ♥

Hello Friends! 

If there is one thing a pandemic has taught me, it's don't wait for special occasions to do things.  And if you've never tried Susan Branch's German Pancake then now is the time to do it.  Don't wait for Christmas morning...any old Saturday will do.  I made one today and it was heavenly.  

Light and puffy, a bit crispy on the outside, soft and eggy on the inside....YUM! The only adaption I made was adding sliced apples and cinnamon on top because...why not? It's October after all.  Serve warm with powdered sugar and a light drizzle of maple syrup.  Not a bad way to start the day : ) 

I also made a short video of me putting it all together, so fill your coffee or tea, give it a look, and let me know what you think 

Happy Sunday Everyone!  I'm off to make a pot of turkey chili for dinner and then settle in and watch football.  

Well, actually... Rob will be watching football.  I'll be in my room watching Hallmark :)

I hope you all have a cozy day! 


Thursday, October 15, 2020

In Case You Didn't Know 💗

In case you didn't know...this guy is growing up right before my eyes!  

As a mom I'm happy and sad at the same time.  Sad my little baby boy is growing up (and now taller than me!) but also I couldn't be prouder of the kind young man he is becoming! 💗

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world  : )

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Quiet Weekend ♥


Hello Friends!  I was about to say Happy Monday because it feels like Monday....but yay.... it's Tuesday (i.e. one day closer to Friday...and that's how my brain works).  

Thank you all for the nice comments about my weekend plans.  We are definitely all feeling the effects of the pandemic.  The bright side of my weekend was I had no shortage of hot beverages (thanks to my husband) and we got in some relaxing family time.  Hot soup and biscuits comforted me as did cozy nights on the couch with a candle and favorite blanket.  

John and I made it out see a movie on Saturday which was fun.  The theater was completely empty (which was good for us!) but made me wonder if the movies is on the road to closure like so many other places around here.  We saw War With Grandpa which I loved!  John was a bit horrified because he's used to Robert De Niro in more "edgy gangster "roles but I found him very charming as a grandpa.  It was a lighthearted family movie and just what we needed this weekend.  

On Sunday we quietly celebrated our 22nd anniversary with fish sandwiches from our favorite local fish place.  Well, I had the fish sandwich and the boys had burgers.  Their loss.  It was delicious.  The weather was cold and damp and I commented it felt more like November than October.  I'm not mad at it though.  The colder and darker it is, the more my twinkly lights glow and create warmth through the room.  I love it.  I don't think I'll ever take them down. 

Yesterday was a holiday so no work for me! : )  It was rainy and we all decided to have a lazy day.  I had tea and a nap which was delightful.  (Why are naps and tea so much better on rainy days?)  

It wasn't what I planned, but overall not a bad weekend.  The foliage is beautiful and my Dad got us a big pumpkin and mum for the front door which made me smile.  I'm back to work today and happy to start a new week.  I just had oatmeal and coffee (my go-to breakfast these days) and I'm about to start my day. 

I hope you all had a nice weekend too! Let's see what this week brings.  Crossing my fingers for good things to come!! XO 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Mind if I vent?

 I'm feeling sad this morning because, like so many of us, Covid has robbed me of special plans this weekend.  Plans we have been looking forward to for a long time. I know there are far more troubles in the world right now, but these days special moments with friends are really all we have to look forward to. The cozy comfort of laughter and contentment with good friends is what I've been waiting for. 

I am trying to come up with a backup plan for the weekend so I won't be feeling sorry for myself.  A nice walk to admire the foliage perhaps?  A funny movie to lift our spirits?  Maybe a take out dinner on Sunday to celebrate our 22nd anniversary? (side note: wow! has it been that long??). We'll see.  You know I always try to stay upbeat around here, but what I'm feeling right now is real and I know most of you have probably felt this disappointment over the last few months.  It really stinks.  I wonder when life will get back to normal.  

I posted this photo on Instagram this morning because it's literally my face this week : ) 

(The pandemic is turning me into Dorothy, when I used to be Rose! If you watch the Golden Girls, you'll know what I'm talking about...)

I'm going to pour myself another cup of coffee and count my blessings. I just had to vent, so thanks for listening.  You guys are the best  

Monday, October 5, 2020

Baked Apples ♥


Good Morning Friends! Happy Monday! 

What do you do on a cold October morning?

First: make coffee

Second: make baked apples! 

I love waking up when it's still dark out and putting something yummy in the oven to warm the room and fill the kitchen with all the smells of the season.  I saw this recipe on Sally's Baking Addiction and could not stop thinking about it.  Especially since I just went apple picking and have a fridge full of apples! : ) 

I thought it would be a nice treat to have for breakfast.  Why not?! 

It couldn't have been easier to do and so worth it!  

You will need:

4 large apples
3 tbsp softened butter
1/4  cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/4 cup old-fashioned whole oats
Optional: 2 tbsp raisons, dried cranberries, or chopped nuts
3/4 cup warm water

Preheat oven to 375.

Using a fork, mash the butter with the dry ingredients.  Set aside. 

Wash and core your apples.  I used an apple corer to pull out the middle, and then with a knife I made the opening a little bigger and scooped out some of the inside of the apple with a spoon.  Just remember not to go through the bottom or your filling will seep out : ) 

Place your apples in a pie plate or baking dish and fill them.  Pour the hot water into the baking dish.  This prevents them from sticking or burning.  

Bake for 40-45 minutes, depending on how soft you want them.  I baked my for 40 minutes and they were perfect.  Soft but not mushy  

It's like having your own individual apple crisp and you can eat the bowl!  


Serve with whip cream or ice cream and enjoy! 

Have a cozy day, friends! xo 

Friday, October 2, 2020

October 🍁

There is old cemetery down the street from my house.  I have loved exploring it ever since I was a child.  I can remember roaming around in there, something I don't recommend these days, but back then I had no fear.  I would read the names, some so old and faded I could hardly make them out. There are  dates that go as far back as the 1800's.  I would imagine their lives and what happened to them.  Is their family still alive? Does anyone come to visit?  Even now, whenever I drive by it's always empty and strangely somber.  Something horror movies are made of.  

But something special happens to this place in the fall.  Come October 1st, it comes alive...which is a very strange thing to say about a cemetery, but it's true.  What's usually old and sometimes creepy, is suddenly warm and lovely.  This place is New England in the fall.  Old church yards, vibrant foliage, crunchy leaves, dappling sunlight.  It's beautiful.  

After dropping John off at school the other morning I stopped in to take a look.  I spent some time admiring the colors and taking a few good deep breaths.  It was so peaceful and the air smelled of leaves (you know the smell). 


It smelled like October.  And I loved it  🍁