Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I just wanted to wish my Mother a very Happy Mother's Day!  Of course she already knows this because she just left my house a few hours ago : ) 

I was going through some old photos and keepsakes tonight and I came across this:

This is a mother's day card that I made for my mom when I was in the third grade.  Please read (if you can) the message I wrote inside....

I laughed when read this because, number one, my handwriting is AWFUL - thank goodness it's improved a little bit : ) AND number two - even now my words hold true.  I do wish I could give more.  There is no gift that could say Thank You enough for what you have given me and continue to give me every day. 

Even at 9 yrs old, I understood that.  What a special gift.   The gift of love and timeless memories.   

This year we had a roast chicken dinner with stuffing and veggies.  It was a cold and damp night here tonight, so having the oven on for two hours warming the kitchen made us all feel very cozy.  I made bread sticks (Pillsbury of course) and we had fruit too.

Dad and hubby enjoyed their red wine while mom and I sipped our tea.  And for desert....

Pink Funfetti Cake!  Very springy, very pretty, and very yummy!  This was obviously my little ones favorite part.  You can't see it, but there is a big "finger swipe" in the frosting on the other side of this cake.

He just couldn't resist!  Ahhh, to be three. There is nothing like it.  I'm so happy he's mine : ) 

I love you Mom - Happy Mother's Day!

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