Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lightening Up....

Hello Everyone!  I've been wanting to blog all week, but it's been crazy-busy around here.  For one thing, we are getting ready to go on a mini-vacation this week, and trying to prep myself, husband, and toddler hasn't been an easy task.  Also, I haven't taken a full week off from work in a long time, so preparing for that was weighing on me as well.  But truly, what was really keeping me away from my computer was this...

For two short weeks every spring all the pink flowers in my front yard bloom.

In my little world, it's a pink-paradise and I want to be out in the sunshine enjoying every minute of it. 

I stroll though my yard admiring the flowers while listening to "La Vie En Rose" on my IPod.  This is true.  Crazy, but true. 

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and as I write this post I'm saddened to say - it has.  See you next year, little cuties.  Same time, same place ... ; )

What is it about the smell of roses in the air that makes people so happy?  I feel like everyone has a smile on their face lately.  We've been so busy these past few weeks between mother's day and father's day.  I had a shower, a wedding, two graduation parties, and I think a few birthday's thrown in there too. Normally this would really have me stressed, but not this year.  I've taken a new outlook on life.  Enjoy the moment and be grateful that I have wonderful friends and family that have invited us to share in their good times. I'm taking time to smell my roses. 

Last weekend we were invited to a friends wedding in Qgunquit, ME.  Despite the fact that it rained in biblical fashion, we had a GREAT time!!!!!  The wedding ceremony was as beautiful as the happy couple, and everything down to the last detail was perfect.  I could not get over this cupcake tower....

From across the room they looked like flowers.  I love that!  I love weddings in general anyway.  Its a great excuse to dress up, have champagne, and dance until my toes hurt.  Glad I was wearing comfy shoes... : )

Here I am in the hotel getting ready.  Did you notice the pink flowers on my dress?  I see a pattern here.  I can't get away from it.  I'm obsessed. 

So after having my fair share of appetizers, inhaling my baked stuffed haddock, and one to many of those yummy cupcakes (although a friend of ours actually ate 7!) I decided it was time for me to "lighten up" this week.  By that I mean watching what I eat, portion CONTROL, and a little exercise (which is a four letter word in my vocabulary).  I've always believed that you can truly eat whatever you want to, as long as its in moderation.  I never deny myself anything, but I do try to control how much I eat. Funny thing is, a little of this and a little of that, goes a long way. 

I like to start my day with something healthy.  Along with my coffee of course,  I feel like the antioxidants wake me up.  After another trip to the farmers market on Sunday I came home with a boat load of fresh fruit.  Just the smell of it energizes me. 

So here's what  I've been having for breakfast all week.  Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola, drizzled with honey.  It's so good....

This is a perfect summertime breakfast.  It's light and can be eaten on the go.  The best part is that my son doesn't like yogurt or granola so that avoids little sticky fingers being stuck into my breakfast.  Although I do share my blueberries with him - and maybe a strawberry or two.  He certainly doesn't need the energy, but my heart grows full knowing he's eating healthy too.  And as a parent I then feel less guilty about the cake he's going to be having desert tonight, knowing that he's gotten his vitimans during the day. 

After dinner we walk, talk, breath fresh air, play on the swings, laugh, dance in the kichen, play bocce, ride bikes, or blow bubbles.  This is my excercise.  I don't know about my body, but my "smiling muscles" couldn't be better. 

I wish you all a perfectly pink summer!

PS Keep eating light this week, because next week I have something special that I am working on.  Eggplant rollatini and banana's foster..... just sayin'.... ha-ha.... : - }

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  1. Your pink flowers are just lovely! Very healthy breakfast - good for energy. Have a great week!