Monday, June 29, 2015

This weeks favorites: afternoon tea ♥

Good Morning Loves ♥
I hope you all had a nice weekend!
I wanted to share with you a few favorites of mine from the past week. 
Yesterday I went to afternoon tea at Fancy That
I've posted about Fancy That before (see here) but I couldn't resist snapping a few more photos because it's so lovely.
I went with my Mom and my Aunt.  We had a 2:30 seating in the "pink room".
I ordered the Royal Palace tea.  It was a citrus blend of orange, lemon, and grapefruit.
It was delicious!
We also got a selection of  scones, tea sandwiches, and desserts. My favorite was the cucumber cream cheese sandwich and chocolate coconut macaroon ♥ 
Yum ~
The highlight of my day....look what I found in the gift shop!  There was also a Mrs. Patmore blend. 
 I was so tempted to get this just for the tin!
Back at home...  
This hydrangea is blooming in my backyard.  I wish I remember the name of it.  The variety of colors are so pretty!

Did you see my post on key lime pie? I made it again this week.  Soooo good!

Earth Therapeutics has the BEST foot scrub ever! You rub it on your feet dry, and then rinse it off with warm water.  Its made with tea tree, mint, and chamomile and smells heavenly.  It makes your aching feet tingle and feel amazingly smooth after.  I got this one at Khols. 
It's the next best thing to getting a pedicure ♥
Oh William! I don't always understand you, but I do love you.... ♥ 
I spend a few moments a day with William, either first thing in the morning or right before bed. 
I started this ritual in the winter and I've kept it up ever since.  The Sonnets are my favorite.  Depending on my day (or my mood : ) I interpret something different. 
My high school self would be horrified that I actually enjoy Shakespeare and read it
I can feel her rolling her eyes at me... : )   
Have you all tried this? It's orange vanilla seltzer - takes exactly like a creamsicle!
I snagged this one at work the other day. I'm hoping they restock the fridge with more of these. 
It was so good! I could get addicted for sure!

Summer camp starts tomorrow for my little guy.  He's very excited to see his friends again....even though it's only been a week since school ended! I heard "I'm bored" on day one of vacation.
Camp, here we come!  ♥
I'll be working all week, but I'm hoping to somehow squeeze in some beach time for a nice walk or at least a bike ride. Fingers crossed!
Hope you all have a sunny week ahead! xoxo


  1. that looks like my kind of tea shop. Ironically, we are over run with coffee shops here these days, yet we are still a nation of tea drinkers!

    love that you love Shakespeare. :O)

    Gorgeous hydrangeas, and I am so tempted to make some kind of fancy dessert this week, after seeing your key lime pie twice in your posts!

    Enjoy your week. ah yes, kids and the 'I'm bored' cry, yet suggest they do something helpful like clean their rooms and suddenly, they realise they aren't THAT bored!

    1. Hi Sadie, yes, that is so true. The moment I said "read a book" suddenly he wasn't bored anymore! : )
      The pie is very yummy. I've been overdoing it a little too much lately!
      Have a great week, too. ♥

  2. Hello and Happy Monday to you Danielle :0) Loved this post, as I am a huge tea party person! When our girlies were young we had tea parties all the time, with their homeschool group girlfriends! I even taught Tea Party Etiquette for the homeschool group one month :0) now that my girlies are grown up I have tea at tea rooms with my other "grandma friends"! Lovely tea room you went to! Have a lovely day my friend :0). ~ Marge ~

  3. Hi Marge,
    Thank you for your lovely comments. I am a huge tea party person too. I would have one every day if I could! : ) I would love to hear more about Tea Party Etiquette! We could have fun with that!
    Have a lovely week, my dear friend! ♥

  4. Hello Danielle!
    What a lovely week filled with such beautiful things! That sure is a pretty tea house! The Royal Palace tea must have been a real treat! And that key lime pie looks delicious! Hope this week is treating you just as well. Happy almost fourth of July, my friend! xoxo