Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bathing suit dilemma ♥

Can I let you in on a little secret about me?

I haven't bought a new bathing suit in eight years!

Mostly because of the horror I endure shopping for one.

Every year I say I will get one.  I browse the stores.  I see something I kind of like. But when it comes time to actually try it on I run from the store screaming.

We are going to Florida next month and prepping for my trip I have accepted the fact that I don't think my haggard old suit can survive another summer. 

I've never really loved that suit.  I remember buying it in haste because it was the only one at that time that fit me.  This was right after John was born and I needed a bathing suit for a mommy/baby swimming class.  He loved it.  Me? What was I thinking?

So what do I do now? Shopping it is!

Here we go again....

I've never been a bathing suit person. I am that lady who always wears shorts and a t-shirt over her suit. Mostly because I have never found a bathing suit I've felt comfortable in.

 Not since I was six and I actually looked cute in one....:)

I love the vintage styles of the 1950's. 

The bottoms ride a bit lower on the legs and cover more upper thigh, which I for one really appreciate!

I also like the halter style tops. Most of them had a sweetheart neckline and are so darn cute I can't even stand it ♥

Is it possible for me to find one of these? Does this style still exist?

I am going bathing suit shopping today and I'm hoping to find a diamond in the rough! Something that I won't feel I have to cover with a t shirt.

My dream is that Liz Taylor will jump out from behind the racks and hand me a vintage baby pink suit with sparkles that's just my size. 

Wouldn't that be perfect....♥

...but I'll probably just end up running and screaming!

Wish me luck!

♥ p.s. all these gorgeous pictures are courtesy of Pinterest ♥


  1. Could we be any more alike?!?!
    Good luck!
    And let me know when you find it!!!!

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