Saturday, April 22, 2017

Getting back to normal...♥

Hello my friends! I'm back from vacation!  We had such a fun time this past week visiting Memphis & Nashville. It was wonderful. John loved Graceland (i.e. a Disney World for any Elvis fan), we ate BBQ, saw the Mississippi River, toured Sun Studios "the birthplace of rock & roll", heard live blues music at BB Kings on Beale St. and (my most favorite part) visited the famous Peabody Hotel (built in 1925) in Memphis and saw the ducks.  I'll tell you all about it soon!
Until then,  just wanted you to know that we are home safe and sound.  Traveling is fun but there truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! ♥♥♥  I  couldn't wait to get back to my own kitchen and cook.  The first morning we were home I made blueberry muffins.  Whenever I am away I crave homemade food.  It was the first thing I could think of to make : )  I missed my bed (oh did I eva!) and my shower.  Our hotels were wonderful, but nothing compares to your I right?
We were away for Easter so this Sunday my family is gathering at my parents house for a "belated" family celebration.  The Easter Bunny did visit John at the hotel but he's looking forward to our family egg hunt.  It's just not Easter without it.  I'm making apple pie (naturally) and lemon squares. We are having ham and Delmonico potatoes for dinner and I can hardly wait. 
One of the best things about coming home was  the moment we pulled into our little dead end street I saw that Spring had officially arrived!  All the trees are in bloom ♥
It was the best welcome home I could have imagined!

Today was John's last day of April break.  We met up with some friends and went to lunch and a movie.  Next week he goes back to school and Rob and I go back to work. Looking at the calendar I am feeling like summer is just around the corner.  And I have to say....I'm pretty happy about that!
Have a great weekend, friends!
I'll be back to my regular posting schedule on Monday of cookies, coffee, and candles. 
You know...the usual!
Love you! xoxox


  1. Welcome home!!!!
    I am so happy you had a wonderful trip!!!
    And I am with matter how wonderful it is to be away, home is always the best place to be! Enjoy your Easter celebration today!!!!
    Save me a piece of pie!!!!

  2. What a wonderful welcome-home! I'm so glad you enjoyed your road trip. I can imagine John will remember it forever! Hope you had a lovely Easter celebration with your family this weekend. Big hugs and wishes for a happy new week! XOXO