Monday, July 3, 2017

What I did yestrday... ♥

Hello Friends! Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a glorious weekend ♥ 
For those of you in the USA, we are celebrating the 4th of July on Tuesday! Our festivities will begin tonight. We are meeting some friends this evening to go see fireworks!  I'm very excited because we didn't go last year, and really....what's the 4th of July without fireworks?!  I opted out last year because I wasn't in the mood for the crowds, but I regretted it after. We are going for it this year!
On Tuesday we were invited to a pool party/cookout.  The weather is supposed to be HOT so it will be a great day for the pool.  I'm making a batch of s'mores brownies to take with me, which I hope all the kids will like (the adults too!). We'll head out late afternoon and go to my parent's house because the 4th is also my mother's birthday!!!  Yup, she's a firecracker baby!  We are planning on burgers on the grill for dinner and I'm bringing her favorite blueberry pie! We will also be sure to watch the Boston Pops Concert on TV that evening.  Rob and I never miss it!
So those are my holiday plans.  What are yours?  I know a lot of my Canada friends have been celebrating this week as well for Canada's 150th birthday.  I've loved seeing your photos and insta videos! Everyone is in a celebratory mood this week and I really love it. 
Love is love and it's contagious!
Anyway, before we kick of our holiday parties, I wanted to show you a few pictures from my day with John yesterday.  Rob was working on a house project over at my parent's place (one that I will be talking about at length another time ) so John and had a whole Sunday to ourselves.  It was very hot Sunday (it must have been 90 degrees easy!) and would have been a perfect beach day, but he asked me if we could go to Plaster Fun Time instead. 

Sounds good to me! But first.... French toast.  Ahhh......♥♥♥

After breakfast we headed out.  I made a quick text to a friend of mine to see if she and her daughter wanted to meet us and she did!  John was happy to have company.  I struggle with him sometimes in the summer because he's not interested in doing camps, yet he gets bored easily.  He's an only child and we sadly don't have any kids in the neighborhood. What do we do to fill our days?  I try to schedule play dates, but that doesn't always work out.  At least not everyday.  He really, really loves art so when he suggested this I jumped at it. And to have a buddy come too was icing on the cake. 
The first thing to do is pick out what to paint.  There are so many choices!

Since he just saw Cars 3 and is obsessed with it, he chose a Lightening McQueen. 
(The last time we came here he chose a Buzz Lightyear. I guess he's pretty predictable : ) 
You have to apply a coat of primer first....
And then comes the fun part. 
It's all about creativity.  I love how his brain works. 
After he's done painting, they spray it with a "gloss". 
You can take it home but it takes a few hours to dry. 
Here he is with the finished product!  He's so proud of his work ♥
 After we left the plaster place he asked if we could stop by The Disney Store on our way home (we were going right by the mall).  And naturally, I've never said no to The Disney Store in my life. 
Cause, you's Disney.   
It's fun to browse around and reminds me of all the gift shops in Disney World. 
I miss it there and am aching to go back!
He knows how much I love Lady ♥
However... I really should own one of these.  I don't know why I don't!
We had fun just being silly and wasting time.  Why not?
Then it was home for turkey sandwiches, pickles, Doritos, and fruit punch! Why? Because it was way too hot to cook and Mama was tired.  And that my friends, is called real life. It happens. 
I love days like this.  Days with little moments I'll remember forever.  Laughs between us that we were still laughing about at bedtime.  It was the best day ♥
Have a happy week, my friends! And to all my USA peeps, have a happy and safe Fourth!!! 


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  1. Good Monday morning, my friend!
    What a wonderful day you had with John!
    He picked a perfect project, and then the best place to browse, right?
    I miss The Disney Store...
    The closest one to us closed, so I have to do my shopping online.
    Of course, you know my love of French Toast!!!
    We are having a fe people over for Fireworks tonight, and then a quiet day tomorrow!