Thursday, December 21, 2017

The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 6.....Christmas at the office ♥

Hello Friends!

 It's day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas and today I'm talking about Christmas in the office!  

Wednesday my office held it's annual Gingerbread House contest. Anyone that wanted to enter had to bring in a decorated gingerbread house.  They all go on display (anonymously : ) and we can vote on our favorites.  

I did not enter but I sure did enjoy seeing all the decorated houses!  

It's so nice to see adults get into the spirit of things! It makes the office a very festive atmosphere! 

Here's a few of my favorites....♥

Some people a just so creative! 

I think John would love this one with all the gumdrops! 
(He would have already eaten half of 

I love the snowcaps and M&M welcome mat! ♥  

This one was all pastel candies so it looked like it was snow covered.  Love it!  

This one was my favorite because I thought it looked like a little fairy cottage!
I love the shredded wheat on the roof! : ) 

There were cookies & treats involved as well which made me very happy! 

 After strolling through the gingerbread forest I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and took a cookie back to my desk! 

Just like home....well, kinda sorta....♥ 

This little bit of whimsy made the rest of my work day so much better.  
Even grown ups get excited for Christmas!

See you tomorrow, friends!  We are getting closer to the big day...♥♥♥  


  1. How fun!! I love the cottage one. So cute!

  2. This is amazing!!
    I am going to tell Steve about this for next year!!!
    Love your coziness. : )