Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Be my Valentine ♥♥♥

Good Morning Friends! 

It's February 14th....Valentines Day!

  The sweetest day of the year ♥ 

I started my morning off with a piece of dark chocolate dropped into my coffee...swirled around to sweet perfection. 

Yummy deliciousness!  

The day can only get better ♥ 

From me to you....♥

The old fashioned way....♥

Tonight we'll celebrate with pizza and cupcakes for dessert.  I spied a Yankee Candle bag on the table this morning with a card that had my name on it.  My Valentine knows me well ♥ 
(he's feeling much better btw : ) 

Happy Valentines Day!! ♥ 

I'm wishing you all lovely day filled with candy hearts and chocolate kisses ♥  

(and thank you Pinterest for the vintage Valentines! Isn't Pinterest the best?!) 


  1. Happy Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friend!!!
    Everything about your day sounds lovely.
    Enjoy with your Valentines!!!!!!!!

  2. Love being one of your Valentines! Hope you had the sweetest day! XO