Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Family weekend in New Hampshire ♥

Hello, my friends! It's been too long since my last post! Where have I been?

Well, I'll tell you... 

We went away for a mini vacation up to New Hampshire!  It was a wonderful 4 days in the mountains!  This was our view from the rental house we had in North Conway.  

The house was absolutely lovely and slept all of us very comfortably.  All 23 of us!!! 

It had all the comforts of home.  There's Rob doing his crossword puzzle : ) 

The kitchen....where all the good food lives.

And John on the balcony.  

Our room, where Rob brought me coffee every morning. 

I needed it before facing 22 other humans first thing in the morning....just saying... :) 

The house had a pool which was wonderful for the kids!  Especially since it was in the 90's all weekend! 


Under the kissing bridge! ♥

We went on some adventures while we were there! 

(Notice that John and I have matching Disney shirts : ) 

Our weekend away with family was a lot of fun! I wish we could have stayed longer.  Something about that mountain air.....

It's taken us a few days to recover and get back into the swing of things.  And now we are unpacked and all the laundry is done. I went back to work yesterday and daily life has resumed. 

We are enjoying slow August afternoons, in the a/c, away from the brutal heat.  
(The coolness of September is going to be a welcome change.  I can't wait!)

Now that I'm home I'll be back to my regular blogging! Thank you for visiting me today.  I've missed this place! 

There's no place like home! 

Happy August! xoxo 


  1. Oh it looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I love going on vacation with all the family. It's hectic but fun!

  2. What an amazing vacation!
    That house is awesome!!!
    And all that family and love...
    And food???
    Yay you!
    And yay you to be Home Sweet Home.
    Missed you around here!

  3. This looks so fun and cozy!!! What an amazing house. I LOVE the Disney shirts, too!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  4. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.