Monday, December 30, 2019

Scenes from a Christmas ♥

Hello Friends! 
Have you all survived the holidays?  Despite my mom being in the hospital we had a nice Christmas.
Christmas eve we spent with Rob's family at my brother in laws.  We celebrate the feast of the 7 fishes, which (as a seafood lover) I really enjoy!  The food is so delicious.
John had a wonderful time with all his cousins.  It was a fun night.
Christmas day we slept in a bit.  I made cinnamon rolls and the three of us opened presents.  My favorite gift was my very own electric kettle! Don't laugh...I've been wanting one for ages and let me tell's amazing! ♥
I made a little Christmas dinner of roast chicken, stuffing, garlic bread, cranberry sauce, and veggies. We ate, watched A Christmas Story, and napped.  After dessert we visited my mom, who was in good spirits. My sister and Dad had dinner with her at the hospital earlier in the day.  To their surprise is was GOOD!  : )  We had a good little chuckle about that. 
Later Christmas night we went back to my brother in laws for coffee, more dessert, and Tombola, an Italian bingo game.  It's tradition to play it on Christmas night.  It's a lot of fun ♥
Friday night we celebrated my nephew Anthony's 12th birthday with pizza and cake!
And FINALLY yesterday afternoon we were off to my mother in laws for her annual Christmas lunch and gift exchange.  It's much more low key than Christmas eve and we all enjoy it very much. I made raspberry thumbprint cookies and everybody loved them. 
Rob's parent's house is so beautifully decorated.  This year my mother in law made snowman boxes to wrap the kids gifts in.  They looked adorable around her tree ♥
(She also made a really cool appetizer which I'm totally coping next year : )


And that's a wrap on Christmas 2019.  I missed having my mother home, but we made the best of it.  And you want to know something else?  She's coming home in 10 days!!!!  We are welcoming 2020 with some great news.  She's been working so hard at her physical therapy and getting stronger everyday.  She cannot wait to get out of the hospital : )
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying this lovely week leading up to New Years.


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