Thursday, March 19, 2020

10 Things I Love (Thursday ♥)

Hello Friends! 

I hope you all are hanging in there and doing OK during this crazy time in our world.  We are on day 4 of self quarantining here in my part of the world.  We are finally getting into our groove with working and schooling from home.  We are all doing our best not to complain as we are very grateful for our health and safety.  Trying to keep to as normal of a routine as possible I've been getting up at my regular time and getting ready as I normally would - putting on my lipstick and everything :)
 It's been helpful for me to be motivated to work from home.  

I'm also so very grateful for this blog and other outlets of social media that let me interact with my online friends. It reassures me that we are all in this together.  

That being said, let's try to concentrate on the good things.  The little things that make us happy and feel comfort on days like this.  

Here are 10 random things I love:

blueberry muffins
James Dean in East of Eden 
baby's breath flowers in bunches ♥
Charlie Brown cartoon specials 
milkshakes from McDonalds
1950's style dresses
Stevie Wonder 
Full moons
Danielle Steele novels 
games shows from the 1970's (seriously, we watch Match Game 78 every night! : ) 

There's my 10.  What are yours? 

Happy first day of Spring!  Be hopeful everyone! 



  1. Yes.
    Yes to all the above.
    So I would say...

    Chocolate Frosty~ccinnos from Wendys
    Afternoon naps
    My whole family home with me
    Game shows from the 70's
    Snuggles with my puppy
    True crime books and podcasts
    Calls and texts with my blog/real life besties : )
    Fresh jammies after a shower
    Scary movies
    Pasta sauce on the stove

    Love you!

  2. Hello. I'd like to share also. It is good to have positives in our lives now isn't it? Okay, here goes....
    My family,especially when we are all together
    My puppy
    Flowers, flowers, and more flowers!
    Westerns (especially "Open Range")
    Romantic, old English movies
    Our homemade pizza
    Memories of my dear parents who are no longer here
    Sunrises & sunsets
    Old houses, especially farmhouses like ours

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    2. Huummm,so this is where John gets his "Ok, what's your top 5 favorite . . .?" !!! haha ~

      1) BOTH my families, love y'all Eastcoast & Midwest!!💙 ❤
      2) Lobstaahhh!
      3) George Strait
      *4) Square Dancing! =Fun, Fitness, Friendship 🤗 🎶
      5) My puppies, past & present
      6) Golf
      7) Beaches, ocean, waves🌊
      8) Lighthouses
      9) Dino🌜🍕 & Vino 🍷
      10) Basketball

      Soooo *4) is starred because it's probly hit the hardest during this crazy time! S/D is great fun for ALL ages, kinda like 'people puzzle solving' with modern music, truly a 'team sport'. With me being a Caller, I get to tell people 'where to go' while gettin paid small sums of money haha ! ! And hugs & smiles from great friends to not only dance with but become true, trusted, travel companions - all this makes the withdrawals even harder!! But hopefully we'll be 'Back In The Swing' soon!!! Seeya ~