Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ordinary Life: My week in pictures

This week I'm starting a new series on my blog featuring random pictures from my week.  I always find it interesting when other bloggers do this so I thought I would give it a try. 
Here's what this week looked like. 
Red carnations in my mom's kitchen.

I purchased this Nordic Ware donut pan at Target.  Guess what's coming soon?  So excited!
Valentine cookies cooling on the counter.

Treated myself to a croissant on Thursday.  Croissants are my favorite! It made my day : )

Comfy bed that's hard to get out of.

Apple pie love on Saturday morning.


Pancakes and cinnamon chip scones on a snowy morning. Recipe coming soon!

This is car mania. Think we have a few repeats!?

Spent some precious moments by myself  browsing at a book store. 

Enjoyed a mocha latte and found a few things I liked.  I love bookstores so much.  love...

Made a batch of cranberry almond granola for my hubby.  
Reorganized the coffee table.

Morning light in the kitchen.

Wearing pink and feeling festive.

I made chocolate covered strawberries for a family dinner on Saturday.


It's Lent so we'll be having pizza on Friday's for next few weeks. 

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