Friday, August 26, 2016


Currently in my world...

I was up super early this morning (for some strange reason!) so I'm very tired today. 

 I almost forgot what it was like to see the sunrise : ) 

Soaking up the last two weeks of summer vacation.  School starts September 8th!

happy dance..fa-la-laaaaa...

Daydreaming of Fall♥ 

I am going to start decorating this weekend! 

The storage bins are already out!

Enjoying evening bike & scooter rides with John after dinner.  I am looking forward to continuing this into to Fall when the nights are cooler. 

Planning my outfit for my niece’s wedding on Saturday night.  I have it narrowed down to two dresses from my closet.  Both are black (of course! : )  It will be John’s first wedding and he’s super excited!  I’m looking forward to a fun evening with my family.

Sitting in my fridge are two ripe zucchinis that I got from the farmers market a few days ago.  Yesterday I printed off a recipe for chocolate zucchini cake that I’m going to make this weekend.  Also, homemade cornbread that John requested! The house will be smelling good this weekend!

I have a little craft project in mind that I’m dying to try. Last night I went through my supplies and it got me very excited to “get my craft on” on this weekend!  It’s been awhile since I’ve busted out my stamps and embossing tools.  It must be because school is in the air, but I’m feeling the need to get creative lately. 


And then there’s this…which is my favorite thing of all! 

(no offense to you personally….you know I love YOU!)

I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and smiles! See you soon! xo 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Orange chicken ♥

Last week I had to take John to the doctors for a routine visit.  While sitting in the waiting room I was enjoying a Family Circle magazine (one of the perks of doctor’s waiting rooms) when I saw this recipe for orange chicken. I’m always on the hunt for new recipes, and this one looked not only delicious, but easy! In the “old days” I would have had to figure out a way to discreetly and quietly rip the page out of the magazine.  Oh, how I hated that!  Now… all I had to do was take out my cell phone and quickly snap a photo of the page.  Sweet! Thank heavens for modern technology! 
Come on….I know you all have done that.  I can’t be the only one… : )
A few nights later I made the recipe. I got a thumbs up from my family so I’m sure I’ll be making it again!
Here is the recipe as it appeared in Family Circle magazine:

2 tbsp. flour
¼ tsp salt
4 boneless chicken breast halves
2 tsp. oil
1 tsp grated orange zest
½ cup orange juice
½ cup chicken broth
1 tbsp. honey
1 clove chopped garlic

In a large resealable plastic bag, combine flour and salt.  Add the chicken and shake to coat.

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the chicken and cook until golden brown.  Cook through, 3 -4 minutes on each side.  Transfer to a plate (cover with foil to keep warm).

Add the orange zest, juice, broth, honey, and garlic to the skillet and simmer until slightly thickened – about 4 minutes.  Stir in the parsley and spoon over chicken.

OR…I added the chicken back into the skillet and sprinkled with parsley.

Lately I’ve been in a little bit of a food rut so this chicken was a welcome change. I served it with corn on the cob and a green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  

I am so looking forward to hearty fall meals like chicken pot pie and chili, but we are not quite there yet.  It’s still very hot here!  On Monday morning it was so nice out that we opened up the windows to let the beautiful fresh air in and fill the house.  It was glorious! Unfortunately it didn’t last long.  By early afternoon the temps were back up to the 90’s and on went the a/c again.  Oh well.  It was a little hint of good things to come!  The nights have been cooling off some, which has been very nice.  Aaaaaand, I’m noticing that it’s getting darker earlier.  Last night it was dark by 8pm!  Not that I’m wishing the summer away (by no means) but I have my quilts and pumpkin spice candles all ready for the first chilly night of the new season. 

Have a happy and wonderful rest of your week! Thank you always for stopping by!
 It means so much to me xoxo

Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's coming... ♥

I can feel things starting to shift.  Only two more precious weeks of August and then it will be September.  I've noticed in the evenings it's starting to get darker earlier and every once in a while I get a little hint of something in the air that tells me the season is getting ready to change. And although I am loving the carefree days of summer I am looking forward to getting back to a regular routine.

This weekend I took John school shopping. We went to Walmart and got all his school supplies - folders, notebooks, pencils, etc..  He really enjoyed picking these things out and told me he's excited about fourth grade! We also went clothes shopping which he didn't enjoy as much but I am SO happy that it's done!  Once mid August rolls around I always get anxious that we are going to run out of time and I start scrambling.  He actually doesn't go back to school until September 8th but I hate waiting to the last minute. In any case we've got all our clothes, supplies, and a new backpack (thanks to Nana & Grampy).  All we need is a new lunchbox and we are good to go!

So now that all that is ready all that's left is just to enjoy these last few weeks of vacation.  My niece is getting married next Saturday and it will be John's first wedding.  It will be fun to get all dressed up and have a night out with family.  Plus I love weddings! ♥♥♥

One thing I must keep reminding myself is take time out to breathe...  There are so many things to do, things to enjoy, things to think about.  Life is busy.  Taking time out for myself keeps me grounded. A five minute tea break on the deck by myself can set the tone for my whole day.  I need to do this more often.  Especially as we move into my favorite time of year. other news here are a few pictures of life this week...

I made pizza the other night.

Homemade is the best ♥

I also tried a new recipe for orange chicken. 

It was delicious! I'll be sharing the recipe soon.

Taking a short walk during my lunch break makes the day better....

John is sharing this coloring book he got for his birthday with me.  I'm slightly addicted!

A quick work selfie!
(aren't those bathroom lights horrible?:)

I heard on the news this morning this may go down was one of the driest summers in history!
How these flowers are doing so well is beyond me!

Me and my leopard slippers wish you a very happy Monday!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Happy 9th birthday!!! ♥♥♥

Today my John celebrated his 9th birthday! I can hardly believe how fast time has gone by.
It makes me  sad when I think about how it was only yesterday I was holding a little bitty baby in my arms. In a blink 9 years have passed.  How did this happen?
But then I think about all the wonderful and fun things that are still to come and I smile again : )
He's grown into such a smart, funny, talented young boy. He loves to sing and dance and makes me laugh every day.  He plays the drums, loves to draw and do art projects, and does magic tricks too. 
He's not very interested in sports, loves to go to the movies, and says he'll be an actor one day.
His room is a mess but there is never a hair out of place on his head. He uses more styling products than I do!
He loves Elvis, hates going to bed early, and likes to roller blade with Daddy. His favorite TV shows are on the Disney Channel and he wouldn't touch a green vegetable if you paid him!
(I'm still working on that one! ugh)
That's pretty much him in a nutshell! ♥

We celebrated tonight at my parent's house with burgers and fries (by his request) and funfetti cake for dessert, which he helped me make last night.

Since he LOVES Elvis I made a few decorations for the cake : )
I think for a kid birthdays and Christmas are just about the best days of the year. I can still remember how I used to feel and there truly is nothing like that excitement. Feeling so incredibly special and getting all the attention.
How happy it makes me to see that in my son's eyes : ) 
Tonight before bed he said that he wished his birthday wasn't over... 
The good news is that there will be another one next year and I can't wait to see that birthday smile again...♥
Happy birthday John! We love you! xoxoxo
PS: It's very ironic that John is such an Elvis fan because August 16th is the anniversary of the day Elvis died.  When I was in the hospital in labor I remember there was a TV in the room and Rob had it on CNN.  There was live coverage from Graceland because fans had gathered for a candlelight vigil to celebrate Elvis's life.  Rob and I have always been Elvis fans and I've actually been to Graceland twice with my Mom.  I guess being a fan is in our blood ♥

Sunday, August 14, 2016

My week in pictures ♥

Welcome to lazy Sunday morning!

Later today we have been invited to Rob's Aunt's pool for a day of  R&R, which is just about the best thing I've heard this week.  We'll be heading out in a bit, but before that I thought I would share with you a few random pictures from the week while I sip my coffee....

or as I like to call it...

Yesterday I made a big pan of cranberry granola.  I've been eating so badly lately I'm hoping that if I have semi-healthy food in the house then I'll eat's the idea anyway.

So far so good because yesterday I added some milk and blueberries and zapped it in the microwave for 1 minute and viola...warm cereal.  It was delicious! 

On Monday we visited Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire.  It's only about an hour from our house. 

We met one of John school friends and his family there. 

I have visited this place almost every summer that I can remember, either with family or on school field trips. 

Lots of memories here....

And we are making new ones on every visit ♥

 Beep beep!

He loves the antique cars! 

It makes me a bit sad that he's tall enough to reach the petal and drive by himself :(

It's been so unbelievably hot this week and finally on Wednesday we got some much needed rain. 

It was glorious! I wish it would have lasted longer.

The flowers were grateful ♥

I brought some of these pretties inside to brighten up the kitchen.

I'm still fighting the urge to decorate for Fall..

My friend told me the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and McD's come out on August 31st!

I can't wait!

The moment I realized the shirt I wore to work matches my mom's blue onion dish pattern. 

I have a love for blue & white! : )

Just finished.  Fantastic!!

I love all Danielle Steel books! Hoping they make a Lifetime movie out of this one.

My deck looks pretty, but it's much too hot to sit here. 

Just. Too. Hot.

Lovely reminder of "How to be Happy" by my favorite Susan Branch

The strawberries at the market are looking delicious this week (and on sale).  These are in my fridge right now.  I'm trying to decide what to do with them.  Pie? Shortcake? Muffins?

Nope. Never.

The struggle is real.

And this little guy (seen here at 5) turns 9 on Tuesday!!! 

I can hardly believe it.  

Wishing you the best day ever! I'm off to the pool. 

Happy Sunday, my friends! xo

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weekend in New Hampshire ♥

This past weekend we were invited to spend the weekend with Rob's family in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire. 

So we packed up the car and traveled about 3 and a half hours north of Boston to North Conway, NH. 

We were the first ones to arrive at the rental house so I had a chance to run around and snap a few pictures for you. 

This house was gorgeous!

It sleeps over thirty people and since there was 26 of us total (yes, that's right!!) there was plenty of room!

The kitchen had two fridges, two microwaves, and two stoves. 

But only one coffee pot, which surprised me...hmmm... : )


We all chipped in and brought up food, drinks, and snacks. 

The second level had another living room area with a pool table. 

Above that room was a loft area.

Huge windows offered beautiful views of the mountains.

There was also a lower level with bedrooms, a living room, and a full kitchen.  Most of the kids bunked down there. 

Everyone had their own bedroom with bathroom!

This was our room....

I slept in both days, because....why wouldn't I?

First night was pizza night.

And as you can see there was no shortage of drinks!

The kitchen table was big enough to accommodate everyone. 

I think it maybe the biggest one I've ever seen.

There was an outdoor patio area with a hot tub and fire pit. Rob and I found ourselves sitting out here most of the time, watching the sunset and enjoying the mountain air. It was very peaceful.

At night all the cousins made s'mores.  John definitely enjoyed that!

I loved that had got to spend quality time with his cousins. 

He had such a great time with them!

On Saturday we all broke up into groups and did our own things. Some went kayaking, some hiking, some biking.  We decided to keep it simple.  We strolled the town square, saw the train station, had ice cream, and went to my favorite general store. 

This is Zeb's.  A must see if you are in North Conway.  I love everything about this place. 

Especially this stove!

On the second floor I found the Christmas corner. 

My heart, my heart! ♥♥♥

John got an old fashion coke (in a glass bottle) and drank it on the porch of Zebs!

Yup...plenty of this too!

And while others kayaked, me and my peeps...well...we did this  :)

Saturday night we ate lasagna (courtesy of my mother in law).  It was delicious!!!

That night we played games, watched the Olympics, and John entertained some of us with his Elvis impression. 

Memories are made of this....

I couldn't get enough of the view. 

My only problem was at the house my phone wasn't working very well.  It's a weird feeling to be cut off from the internet.  I realized just how attached I am to it : )

On Sunday morning, before heading home, we went to a beautiful spot called Diana's Bath. It's a short hike (or I would even call it a nice walk) through the woods.  It opens up into a waterfall.  Very pretty! The kids climbed on the rocks and some (including John) jumped in the river for a swim. 

I walked around and enjoyed the view. 

The weather couldn't have been better and it was nice being with family. 

After that we filled our coffee mugs and headed home.  50's tunes on the radio and through Boston traffic we arrived home a few hours later. 

Back to the land of vanilla lattes, introvert time, and unlimited internet access!

♥♥♥Home Sweet Home! ♥♥♥