Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello April ♥

Happy April! We've finally made it and April has come in like a lamb!  The sun is shining and there is a comforting warmth in the air.  I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt today for the first time in months! Flowers are popping up all over the place and all of a sudden there is COLOR in the world again.  I am loving April! Here is a quick list of what life has been like for me lately.


Watching: Flowers blooming! There is life after winter!
Reading: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory
Listening To: My son reading! Every night he reads to me. I never want to forget his little first grade voice.  I love it! : )
Making:  Home! I did Spring cleaning yesterday and boy did this house need it.  I put out some Easter decorations and even emptied out our china cabinet and shined up all the glass.  The air feels cleaner already.  Dust-be-gone!
Feeling: More motivated that I have in a while.  Thinking about bringing my bike out of hibernation and start riding it again. I need to get a cute helmet
Planning: New blogs posts! Yesterday I went to the library and came home with a stack of books I'm using for research.  I'm thinking about taking my blog in a new direction. I have lots planned for the Spring!
Loving: Eating avocados! My recent obsession is avocado mashed on toast in the morning.  Yum!

I hope your April is off to a wonderful start! I'm off to get more coffee and then dive into these books while I have the chance.  Happy Monday, friends!!


  1. It is spring. Oh happy days are

  2. Happy April, Danielle! I am loving the sound of the robins chirping early in the morning. It's finally feeling more like spring here, and the snow is almost all gone...ALMOST! I love avocados, too. Looking forward to your new blog posts. Sounds exciting!!

  3. Hi Danielle!

    It's me, Anna! Just came to let you know that I am back... posting again, with a deliciously easy recipe!

    Your blog looks as lovely as ever!

    Will visit again. I'M BACK!



  4. The book I've been reading has not been going so well. How are you liking "The White Queen"? If you're loving it I may just drop what I'm on right now. Sounds like you are in such a good place right now! I love first graders, they are so cute and intelligent! I bet your son is bringing all sorts of joy to your life right now. Also, I'm super jealous that you have a bike right now. When I moved I left my bike in Washington and haven't purchased a new one yet. I should really search some garage sales or Craigslist because it is perfect bike riding weather right now. Happy Spring!

    1. P.S. I just realized how many times I said 'right now' and wow, I'm embarrassed right now. :)