Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Susan Branch give-a-way! ♥

We are having a snow day today in Massachusetts!  What better time for cleaning out the closet.  And look what I found! I forgot that I had picked up this binder at Barnes & Nobles last year on a clearance table! I have several recipe binders already and didn't really need it, but I can never pass up a Susan Branch item, especially if it's on clearance!
It's just been sitting in the closet (no place for such a pretty book) so I decided I would like to give it to one of you! ♥
There are places to write your own recipes or paste recipe cards on.
In the back there are pages of helpful tips on herbs & spices, cookies, sauces, and more!
Susan Branch is a master at kitchen tips! ♥♥♥
If you would like this binder just leave me a comment below.  I will pick a winner on Friday!
This give-a-way is open to EVERYONE so please spread the word and enter!
I hope you are staying warm & cozy on this snowy Tuesday : )
Time to put a movie on and wrap up in a blanket.
How we LOVE snow days! xo


  1. Enjoy your snow day, my friend!!!!
    Here in Pa, we got some pretty snow, and now the sun is shining. : )
    Susan Branch? Love. : )
    Have a cozy day!

  2. Stay warm, Danielle! Thankfully, so far, this storm has bypassed us. (for once!)

  3. Happy snow day, Danielle! What a lovely giveaway! Movies, blankets, and plenty of hot chocolate are just the thing for days like today. Stay safe and cozy. xo

  4. Oh how I miss Montana snow!! What a cute blog you have!! And this book looks perfect!

  5. I love all Susan Branch goodies :) and I need to organize my recipes! We are enjoying the snow here in Western PA!

  6. Hope you are having another snowy, cozy day today! The perfect mid-week treat. :) And this is a great giveaway too. Thank you.

  7. O.. My how I love Susan Branch! I collect her cookbooks.. What a great giveaway! Thanx for the opportunity to win such a fun recipe binder. Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the beautiful snow! Have a great day and thanx again! ~ Marge ~

  8. Your blog is sweet and Susan Branch is so much fun! Thank you for sharing In this giveaway!! * Susan

  9. Your blog is sweet and Susan Branch is so much fun! Thank you for sharing In this giveaway!! * Susan

  10. I've a great collection of Susan Branch items, but this recipe binder is badly needed! This is a fantastic giveaway!

  11. I discovered your blog via Instagram! I love Susan Branch - her art, her house, her recipes! Please throw my hat in the ring!