Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Spring arrived over the weekend! YAY ♥

Hello Friends! 

Happy Tuesday (that feels like a Monday!). I hope you all had a nice weekend.  
Ours was very nice. 

Saturday morning I got a haircut and then treated myself to a new pair of glasses so the weekend started off good for me.  I was due for both! : ) 


I made a quick pitstop at our local library and had to stop and take a picture of the courtyard because it looked so pretty.  The flowers are in full bloom and was such a pleasant sight to see.  

It was a beautiful sunny day! 

Because of that I had to do a little inspection in the yard at home and I was happy to notice some buds budding.  Yay! 

And this pretty tree in our front yard has started blooming. 

Spring has finally arrived and I thought it would never get here.  

I also saw a red cardinal on Saturday! It flew by me so fast I couldn't snap a picture, but it made my heart soooo happy to see it 

On Sunday morning we went to mass.  We got there early and I snapped this photo as I was admiring the sun reflecting through the stained glass windows.  

It felt so peaceful and beautiful 

After mass this happened!  John drove us to breakfast.  He's doing great.  I'm a mess. 

We made it safe and sound! He parks better than I do and he's only been driving a few months.  

We had a yummy breakfast and then it was on to car shopping...ugh.  

I won't bore you with the details but we came empty again.  I did see one that I kind of liked but the dealer wasn't open and I think I could probably do better elsewhere anyway.  We are going back out into battle next Saturday, so my car lives on for another week....hopefully! I'll just ignore the noises and the smell (I'm not even kidding!).

Yesterday we were all home and had a nice relaxing day.  I'm hoping the ease of the weekend carries throughout the week.  John is on school break this week and is taking full advantage of some much needed down time.  Last night my Dad made spaghetti for dinner and we watched several episodes of Cheers. Can I just say, don't you just LOVE an 80's sitcom?! I do! They don't make shows like that anymore : ) 

Have a wonderful day Friends!  Wishing you all a fabulous week! I'm off to make myself a cup of tea and visit some of your blogs!  

Byeeee! xoxo 


  1. John driving? Time really moves quickly! Sending wishes for happy car shopping!

  2. I seriously thought I left a comment here about refusing to believe that John is driving! I guess not! Miss you!