Friday, April 22, 2011

Chocolate Coconut Bars

With Easter being only a few days away I decided to break my holiday baking up into three nights.  Mommy duties always come first, so I have to manage my time.  If I do a little every night (after bedtime :) I'll get it all done. I love baking at night - apron on over my jammies, a hot cup of tea on hand, and the radio to keep me company. 

We are having friends and family stopping by Friday and Saturday, so I need to have plenty of treats on hand to serve with coffee - or else what kind of hostess would I be?....wink, wink....  

Tonight I made chocolate coconut bars.  These bars are so easy and delicious.  The best part is that you use crescent rolls for the crust.  They are so buttery and flaky.  You will really love these....

Here's what you need to make them:

1 tube (8 oz) refrigerated crescent rolls
1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup confectioners' sugar
1 egg
3/4 cup flaked coconut
1 cup (6 oz) semi sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup chopped nuts

Unroll the crescent roll dough into one long rectangle on an ungreased baking sheet.  Seal seams and perforations.  Roll out (or stretch with your fingers) into a rectangle to cover the surface of the cookie sheet. 

In a mixing bowl beat the cream cheese, confectioner's sugar, and egg until smooth. 

Stir in the coconut.

Spread over crust. 

Bake at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until cream cheese is set.  (In my oven 12 minutes is perfect.  The cream cheese is set and the edges are slightly browned).

Take out of the oven and immediately sprinkle with chocolate chips and let stand for 5 minutes.

With a spatula, spread melted chips over the top and sprinkle with nuts.

For this batch I also sprinkled and extra fistful of coconut over the top as well.  After all, it's Easter and you can never have too much coconut. 

Let cool completely before cutting.

Of course I had to cut myself two pieces and gobble them up....just to make sure they were OK......

The soundtrack to my baking tonight were these two cd's:

I've had these cd's a long time and I love them so much.  I purchased them many years ago through Parade Magazine, that came in the Sunday Globe newspaper.  This was way back before Internet shopping or even QVC.  I saw an add in the magazine, mailed my check, and waited patiently for 6 to 8 weeks for them to arrive. 

As you can tell by the corny prom picture on the cover, these cd's are a collection of romantic songs from the 50's and 60's.

Songs like Tears on My Pillow by Little Anthony, Only You by the Platters, and Crazy by Patsy Cline.  There's also Chances Are by Johnny Mathis, Earth Angel by the Penguins, and Crying in the Rain by the Everly Brothers.....ahhh those Everly Brothers.  They get me every time.

While dancing around the kitchen tonight (by myself of course) I was thinking about how I originally bought these because I wanted to have one particular song. And that song was I Only Have Eyes For You by the Flamingos. I was broken hearted at the time and wanted to drown my sorrows in that song. (I was also very overly dramatic...)  Nonetheless,  I think it's one of the most romantic songs ever made.  For me it's right up there with I Love You For Sentimental Reasons by Sam Cooke, and Stardust - the Nat King Cole version. 

When I really think about it, it always amazes me how timeless music is.  My parents and people of their generation listened to this music back in the 50's and felt the same way about it as I do here tonight, baking in my kitchen, while my husband and son dream the night away.  What a special gift that is.

I'll be back tomorrow with Coconut Cream Eggs!  Sweet Dreams.....

PS I wasn't broken-hearted for long.  We made up and got married.  In fact, I can hear him snoring at this very moment.  Sometimes I just love irony, don't you?


  1. Danielle - that looks delicious! I agree with you about music - I love lots of different kinds and my Ipod has songs by Sinatra, Snow Patrol, Glenn Miller, The Killers amongst others. If I like the music then I listen to it! Have a lovely Easter weekend.

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