Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Love Lucy

August 6th will be what would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday.  There isn't enough room in blog-land for me to tell you how much I love Lucy!  I fell in love with her when I was nine years old thanks to reruns on channel 56.  I would watch her show on my little black and white TV (although it didn't matter : ) in my bedroom and when it was over I would put my hair in a bun and try to act out all of the funniest scenes. 

When I got my first tape recorder I would put the microphone up to the TV and record I Love Lucy on cassette tapes.  I would put them in my Sony Walkman, lie in bed, and listen.  I didn't have to see it for it to be funny.  Listening was enough.

When I was 12 years old we got our first VCR.  That New Year's eve, channel 56 ran an I Love Lucy marathon.  I saved my money and stocked up on blank VHS tapes.  I stayed up all night recording as many episodes as I could.  After that night, I continued recording the episodes daily.  I lost count at how many tapes I have, but I'm pretty sure I have every episode in my "Lucy vault".  Who would have known that 25 years later there would be DVDs?! Go figure.  I still love my old fashion tapes.  There is not a year that goes by where my Hubbie offers to by me each season on DVD in exchange for getting rid of my clunky old tapes.  Every year I say no thank you.  I've parted with many things over the years but I wouldn't trade these for the world.  I remember every time I hit the "play" and "record" button and how happy I was to get another episode.  I also have some old commercials in between episodes and I love those too.  It reminds me of a very happy time.  I love nostalgia. 

I've even got my son into it.  He knows who Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel are and I've also taught him the words to the theme song.  Yes, it has words!  Recently, the Hallmark channel has started airing I Love Lucy for two hours in the mornings  from 5 - 7.  I always have it on while I'm getting ready for work.  Sometimes he comes in the room, hops up on the bed and watches with me.  I love this.  I want him to know what quality TV is and I'm happy to show him a classic.  The Classic. It's so important. 

Lucy has been a part of me for almost my whole life.  I can't remember a time when I didn't know her.  She's made me laugh when I've been sad.  She's turned good days into great ones.  She's taught me how important laughter is in this world.  I think of that every time I watch her and smile.  We all need more laughter.

Happy Birthday Lucy!  I love you ~

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