Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome September

After three days of steady rain, the sun is finally shining today.  There is a coolness in the breeze that is telling me that the season of Fall has begun.  On the way to work I notice the streets are lined with school buses.  Kids with new backpacks and book bags are standing on the corners, while the mom's sip their coffees and catch up on neighborhood gossip.  The trees haven't starting turning colors yet, but I know it's only a matter of time. 

On Monday I officially started decorating for Fall.  I put mums on my front steps and a grapevine wreath on the door.  The weather was chilly, so I was dressed in a soft, long sleeve jersey top. Transitioning from summer to fall is difficult for some people, but not for me.  I look forward to it all year. I love changing my wardrobe over to my "comfy clothes" as I like to call them. As we speak, I am wearing black velor sweat pants and a henley shirt. Ahhhhh.....Comfort city! All of my windows are open a crack and the cool air is filling the house.  It's the perfect weather because we don't need air conditioning or heat.  Love that!

Watching the kids waiting at their bus stops I'm reminded of the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and new books.  I don't think as kids we really appreciated things like that, but I do now.

There are little splashes of orange, red, and brown hidden in every corner of my house.  Little touches that remind me that its fall.  As if I couldn't already feel it in the air. The man that lives at the top of my street rakes and burns leaves all Fall.  I love when the aroma drifts downward to our house.  Something about the smell of burning Autumn leaves makes me happy.  That mixed with some hot cider and I'm good for the night.  It's a wee bit too early for that, but I'm eagerly waiting......

Summer pastels have been replaces with vibrant autumnal colors.  I put the light florals away and replaced them with pumpkins and mums.  I made this arrangement a few years ago out of silks.  I can't believe that it's still in such good of shape. 

This week I'm going to make one of my favorite soups - Tomato Bread soup.  It's a chunky tomato soup, seasoned with garlic and basil, served over thick slices of Italian bread.  It's so good and perfect to warm the bones on rainy fall nights.  I'll post the recipe and some pictures as soon as I make it.  It might just turn out to be the perfect Sunday supper. 

This is "Witchy-Poo".  Isn't she cute?  Every fall she sits in my kitchen, happy to greet all who enter. My mom made her.  She was a big seller at the craft fairs we used to do. I think it was her hair. I can't walk by her without "fluffing" it. 

September is the best month for apple picking.  We are hoping to go soon.  I'll make pies for the holidays and freeze them.  From September through December my freezer is jam packed.  You can't fit a thing in it because it's so full of pies! Now that's a problem I don't mind having.

Rob, the hubbie, couldn't be happier that it's Fall, because to him Fall means Football!  Games, pools, get togethers with Chili and cornbread.  He loves every minute of it!  I'll have to fight him for this spot on the couch come Sunday night.  I'll be reading my book while he watches a game. He likes to call this "quality time".

My four year old starts soccer on Sunday morning as well.  Although I've never been a "sports" kind of gal, I wouldn't miss this game for the world.  It should be interesting : )

He's doing so many new things this year.  It makes me happy and sad all at once.  He starts preschool on Tuesday.  It doesn't seem possible that he's ready for this yet.  Time has gone by so fast. 

"Starry, Starry, Night - paint your pallet blue and gray..."  A quote from a beautiful song called Vincent about Vincent Van Gogh and his portrait Starry Nights.  I have a love of stars and a small collection of them scattered around the house.  The night sky in Fall is full of them! (Good thing because there are lots of wishes to be made).

Don't forget to look outside on the evening of Sept 12th to see the Harvest Moon in all her glory. 

The last of my fresh flowers on the windowsill. 

Today we are off to the grocery store and I promised my little one a trip to the bookstore.  Hopefully we'll have time to squeeze in a walk somewhere so we can enjoy the beautiful crisp weather.  There is nothing like this time of year in New England. So glad it's finally here.  Rain or shine. 

Hope all is well in your world, whatever you may be doing. 

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