Sunday, July 8, 2018

Weekly wrap up ♥

Hello Friends!
I hope this weekend finds you well (and cool!). Our temperatures have been outrageous this week.  High 90's and high humidity! Today we dropped down into the 80's and what a relief it was.  Yup, that's July in New England for you!  I'm so grateful for my a/c! ♥
It was a confusing week wasn't it?  It's always that way when we have a holiday in the middle of the week.  From Wednesday on every day felt like Saturday! 
Between being away over the weekend and then the holiday, not much got done at home this week.  I have so much laundry and housework to catch up on.  Sometimes it's OK to let things slide a bit, don't you think? Especially in the good old summertime!
Here are a few random pics from the past week.... :)
I'm currently loving Greek yogurt, granola, and fruit for breakfast. 
I've been reading this.  I love it so far.  Have you read it?
I'm forever adding to my sea glass collection. (I found two little white pieces last Sunday) 
It started as my grandmothers and got passed on to me.  I happily add to it whenever I can.  I love the colors! ♥
I loved seeing all the patriotic decorations this week!
Look how the yellow lines of this street are painted red, white, & blue.
So cute, right?!
Flags everywhere!

We met up with some friends and saw fireworks Tuesday night.  It was thundering and lightening like crazy while we were waiting.  I was certain we would be soaked in a downpour (it was SO humid!).  But the storm passed right over us and it never rained. 
Thank goodness ♥

Waiting for it to get dark....

I went back to work on Thursday after being off for an entire week. 
I think my face says it all! #gimmieallthecoffee  LOL
And that's it for me, folks.  A very uneventful, yet eventful week!
Happy weekend, my friends! I hope you enjoy your Sunday!
Stay cool! xo


  1. Love the red, white, blue road stripes!! Great idea. Clever New England, right?! Thanks for sharing that!! Jane xo

  2. What a beautiful life you live...I have read that book and I liked it ...

  3. Lovely lovely lovely up your way, sweet friend.
    I was confused all week myself!
    Pretty selfie!!!

  4. How are you enjoying A Man Called Ove? I really enjoyed that book. I brought it with me on holiday last November. Also, I eat yogurt, granola, and fruit almost every day in the summer months. Turns to oatmeal in the cold months. LOL! xoxo