Monday, November 18, 2019

In the Middle... ♥

Hello Friends!

Happy new week! It's been cold and gloomy here but it's OK. It just makes home more warm and cozy. The river out back has frozen and there is that faint smell of "snow" in the air.  The ground is crunchy!  I wore a scarf and gloves for the first time on Saturday.  Winter is coming 

When I wake up it's still dark out.  I thank God for a husband that wakes up early and makes the coffee. #littlethings

  I take my first cup back to bed with me and stay there until the sun comes up. 
It's a nice routine : )  

November is peaceful.  It's the calm before the rush of December.  

From every window we see leaves blowing by.  The birds and squirrels are going crazy.  They know  what's coming and they are preparing.  Soon out these sliders all we'll see is white!  

For now I like the color.  Day by day it changes.  

Hot tea in the afternoon is a must this time of the year.  My mom's kettle is never cold.  

Oh the leaves.... Did we not just rake you away?  Yup.  They always come back.  Sigh.  

So here we are, dead in the middle of November and I started my Christmas shopping. John and I went out for the day on Saturday.  He helps me so much with gift ideas!   I repay him with lunch and frozen hot chocolate (peppermint mocha for me : ). 

I am a sucker for the mall at Christmas time! I just LOVE the Macy's display.  Every year I have to stop and stare at it.  BELIEVE.  I do!!!  

Whenever I think of Macy's I imagine myself in another time, all dressed up (hat, gloves, heels, long coat, the works) going shopping at "the department store".  I buy things like neckties, and perfume, and scarfs. All in cute little boxes.   I wish I lived back then.  Now I'm pretty much a hot mess running through Target.  It's not as dreamy....but I get the job done!  

We stopped in at our favorite Christmas store to see the decorations.  I've been going here since I was a kid and it's become a yearly tradition to visit at least once during the holiday season.  It really gets us in the spirit.  

 Sadly we don't stop to visit Santa anymore, but he gave us a wave as we passed by.  He knows we were there  

This place (named The Christmas Place!) has the biggest room of Christmas trees! It's magical.  

I was able to snap this picture of John that I absolutely love!   It's rare that I get one with such a nice smile on his face!  Especially in a Christmas setting. 

This is a Christmas card picture contender for sure! 

We picked up a few gifts and I am happy that I've officially started shopping!  After a few hours it was time to go back home and get warm.  However, I'm officially in holiday mode now 

I picked up this bag of fresh cranberries when I was grocery shopping.  For some reason I only see the fresh ones at holiday time.  I love them  SO much!   I decided to whip up Susan Branch's Christmas Coffee cake - which by the way I think is good anytime... but the smells fit my mood perfectly.  It has apples, cranberries, cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar.... it's heaven on a plate 


I'm enjoying the last days of my fall décor.  As much as I love it, this weekend it will all be packed away because my tree is going up on Saturday.  I know it's controversial but I'm a "before Thanksgiving" tree person.  I like it all done so we can enjoy the Thanksgiving Day parade with my tree twinkling and my Christmas candles burning~  

That's how I roll and I'm happy about it : )  

However..... I've already started in the bedroom!  A few Christmas/winter touches that I couldn't wait to put out.

I'm loving the coziness!!!!!  

The pillow and fleece throw are from HomeGoods.  I couldn't resist. I've never decorated my bedroom for the holidays before and I was so excited I couldn't wait : )   

I mean....this tree 

So I guess you could say I'm living in the middle.  Fall + Christmas = the best of everything! 

At least for one more week!  

Have a happy Monday everyone! 

Stay cozy and take care of yourself! You are worth it!  



  1. Yes.
    Yes to it all!
    Yay for husbands who get us coffee so we can stay in bed.
    And I was just thinking about those dang leaves here too!
    When you wrote about shopping and being dressed, I am right there with you.
    We would have strolled though the stores together, listening to the Christmas music, finishing our shopping.
    Hi John!!!!
    And I see a nice smile!
    I bought cranberries today too!
    And your recipe sounds delicious!
    Love your bedroom!!
    And that tree?
    All the hearts!!!!
    Miss you, sweet friend!!!!!!!!!!!

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