Friday, August 20, 2021

A Quiet Morning ♥

Good morning friends and happy Friday! 

We woke up this morning to no power.  Ugh. I had already gotten my coffee and headed back to bed, which I always do when suddenly I heard a loud BOOM.  It sounded like a gun shot and probably would have scared me more if I hadn't recognized the sound.  I heard it once before last summer and I knew it was a transformer in front of our neighbors house up the street.  The house got suddenly quiet.  All fans and a/c stopped.  No humming fridge or morning news coming from the TV in the living room.  Oh well.  I just hoped it wouldn't last long enough for it to heat up in here....  

Thank the good lord the coffee was already brewed!  I lit some candles and basked in some silence which I truly enjoyed.  I was missing the balcony in New Hampshire that I sat on in the morning last weekend admiring the mountain views.  And I thought of my friends beautiful porch that we enjoyed at her lake house in July.  I decided someday my retirement home has to have a view of some kind...a lake, a mountain, the ocean....and a deck with a chair just for me.  

I kind of can't wait for that 

Luckily it was only about an hour when we heard the electric company truck outside.  
Ta-daaaaa!  What a thrill when it finally came back on!  The cool air started to blow and I quickly ran to the microwave to heat up my coffee.  Thank God it's Friday!!! : ) 

The weather is going to be humid and stormy this weekend.  My plan is to bring out fall!!! My pumpkins and fall candles are calling me. I know some of us are still holding on to summer but I'm just about to let it go.  We are in full back to school mode around here, which to me means a change of season, no matter what the calendar says.  

Have a wonderful weekend friends!  Stay cozy....fall is coming!!  

Byeeeeeee!!!! xoxo 

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  1. Hello there! Ahem...I know of a beautiful place for your future retirement. The neighbors are amazing! Glad you got your power back! I am digging through fall too this weekend. Why not surround ourselves with what makes us happy?! Love and miss you!