Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Things I Know: ♥


The things I know:

I know I need 7 hours of sleep a night to not feel tired during the day. 

I know I feel better when I don't skip lunch and eat 3 meals a day. 

I know my skin loves it when I wash my face at night and moisturize it before bed. 

I know coffee in the morning is essential to my well being and the well being of others around me.

I know as far as friends are concerned quality is way more important than quantity. 

I know, for me, simple living is best. 

I know the power of a comfortable pair of slippers and a soft cardigan.

I know that nothing is permanent and all situations will change at some point - for better or worse.  

I know that carrot cake is a very underrated dessert.  Very delicious too. 

I know that I Love Lucy had made me feel happy since I was 12 years old. 

I know that I like to be alone sometimes. 

I know that it's ok to say no things that I really don't want to do.  

I know I need to please myself before I please others.  

I also know that Paul is the best Beatle, Rose should have saved Jack, and life is too short not to eat dessert.

These are just some of things I know to be true.  For me 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 


  1. I agree with a lot of those, Danielle. 💕 Happy Wednesday. Becky (IG pal) ;)

  2. OH my gosh - yes! Rose should have saved Jack!