Monday, April 25, 2022

Weekend in New Hampshire ♥

Hello Friends! Happy Monday! 

I am just back from a long, relaxing, weekend in North Conway, New Hampshire.  We've been here many times before so it felt like "going home" if that makes sense.  We are creatures of habit and enjoy going back to the same places again and again.  Its comforting.  The ride is about 3 hours from Boston which is not bad at all if you pack enough coffee and snacks : ) 

The weather was a bit chilly but I didn't mind.  We got hot chocolates instead of ice creams, which was perfectly OK (even better) by me.  We shopped, ate good food, and soaked up as many beautiful mountain views as possible.  The scenery is breathtaking and the air is so clean.  It felt good to be outside walking around.  

One night we ate at an Irish pub which was so COZY I didn't want to leave. The French onion soup....YUM! (I'm kissing the tips of my fingers and waving them in the air....: ) 

We shopped at handcrafted stores (which I LOVE), and visited a Christmas shop because I'm never satisfied with the season I'm in. That store made me so unbelievably happy my family was

At night we hung out in our hotel room, played trivia games, and watched Seinfeld.  When I say it doesn't take much to make us happy I mean it.  We honestly had the best time.  It's been awhile since we had a change of scenery and this weekend came at the perfect time. 

It was needed. 


So now that I'm relaxed and recharged it's time to get back to real life.  Today I'm working, doing laundry, and planning meals for the week. When's the next vacation??? 

Have a wonderful Monday Friends! 

I hope your week is off to a great start! Time for me to get coffee and get to work : ) 


  1. Danielle, What was the name of the Restaurant? I’m always looking for NH recommendations since I’m still a Newby here.
    Have a beautiful week!

    1. Hi Carla, it was called May Kelly's Cottage. It was about 5 minutes from the center of town (where Zeb's is). We also ate at Horsefeathers one night and that was excellent too! xx

  2. Danielle! This looks like a wonderful "shot in the arm", trip away. I could get lost in that Christmas Store! How fun. I'm so glad that you guys got to get away for a few days. My hunny and I recently took a trip to Eureka Springs Arkansas. It is our little get away spot. It is so wonderful, you guys should look into going sometime. I pray you all are well, and staying well. How is your Mother? Bye for now! ♥♥

    1. Hi Breahn, thank you so much!! Oh you would have LOVED the Christmas store!!! It was so beautiful and fun!! I can't resist a holiday store! : ) If I am ever in the Arkansas area I will look into Eureka Springs. It sounds lovely! My mother is doing well, thanks! One day at a time but things are good! I am thinking of you as well. Take care my friend! xo