Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Easter Week! ♥

Good Morning Friends! Happy Easter week! 

Aren't these cookies pretty? Don't let them fool you...they are the sweetest cookies you've ever tasted.  Lots of sugar this week : ) 

Honestly it's what's keeping me going.  That, warmer temps, and dreams of summertime! I know I'm jumping the gun, but I feel like lately everyone is making plans.  Including me! It's so nice to have things to look forward to.  It's been a long winter and I'm finally waking up with a smile on my face. 

 John and I decorated these cookies on Sunday.  OH the mess!  I should have taken pictures and done one of those "Instagram vs. Reality" posts!  It was quite a scene but we had a lot of fun.  I feel blessed that my 14 year old son still loves to decorate cookies with me and do all the crazy things I suggest.  Friday we are coloring our Easter eggs and watching the Charlie Brown Easter DVD.  Well, it will be on in the background but that still counts! (I'm not pushing :)  

Our Spring home is looking colorful and cheery.  

The forsythia's are blooming in the neighborhood.  It's so nice to see color.
We survived yet another winter! Yay! 

Iced coffee tastes refreshing on sunny Spring mornings.  I'm trying to get back into my walking routine again.  It helps so much with stress relief to get fresh air and sunshine.  Breathing it in while I listen to audio books or podcasts.  This week I've been listening to daily mass first thing in the morning, which is a wonderful way to start the day  

How many Cadbury chocolate eggs have you eaten lately?  
I'll bet not as many as I have! Why are these eggs so addictive?! 

All my heavy winter sweaters have been packed away and replaced with lighter things.  Three quarter length shirts in pastel colors and light cardigans.  I've softened up my make up too.  I just got this pretty pink lipstick which will be perfect for Easter and all spring! I also treated myself to some new brushes. I was long overdue! 

Visits to the library have been good for my soul this week too.  It's nice to work in a different place once in a while.  It's very peaceful here which I love.  

And here's a little flashback that popped up in my memories last week.  How cute is this?  

I miss these days so much! 

Can you believe we are almost half way through April?  Easter is this weekend!

I still have to put some finishing touches on Easter baskets and do some baking. We are spending Easter at my in laws this year and I'm making desserts, which as you know is my favorite thing to do : ) 

What are your plans? 

Have a lovely day friends! I hope the sun is shining on you today! 

xoxox's something just in case you need to hear it...

Amen : ) 


  1. Cadbury Eggs... the temptation of the season.
    I love seeing the sugar cookies in all the pastel colors. Bringing back all my own childhood memories!

  2. Little tiny John. The sweetest. Happy and Blessed Easter!!! Miss you!