Friday, June 10, 2022

What I do ♥

Good Morning Lovely Friends!  

After two days of torrential rain the sun finally came out this morning and it's a beautiful day.  I've been trying to appreciate my surroundings more these days and notice the little things.  With so much horror going on in the world, for my own mental health and survival I need to remember there is beauty out there, we just need to find it.  It's easy to become overwhelmed which is why I've been limiting my news intake (yes, doing that again!) and concentrating more on movies with my family, reading books, talking to friends, and self care. Yes I do all these things anyway but when you change your perspective they take on a whole new meaning. The world is a scary place right now and sometimes I worry about John and what his future will be like.  I have to stop myself from going down that road because the future is unknown. I will carry on with my little life baking bread and brownies and roasting chicken with veggies because feeding my family is important.  And it makes me happy.  I'll put on my pink lipstick, run a comb through my hair, say my prayers, and go for a walk by the ocean.  I will send out all my hopes and dreams into the sea air, hoping it will take them to far away places and in that moment I will be content.  This is what I do. 

So much of life is uncertain right now.  The news tells us to be afraid of everything. When venturing in unchartered waters I cling to the things I know.  I learned this about myself during the early days of Covid. We all learned a lot about ourselves during that time, didn't we?  The way I see it, anything that makes you happy, brings you joy, peace, love, serenity, whatever it is -  is important.  Do you love watching Seinfeld every night for laugh? Me too. Then let's do that.  K?  

So now I must try to fill a void in my life that was once the Johnny Depp trial  and resume normalcy once again.  Today will be work, laundry, cooking dinner, driving John to the movies, tea in the afternoon, feeding my sourdough starter, reading my book, watering my plants, texting my friends, and sharing some peaceful moments with husband when the day is done. 

 Because that is what I do. And that is what I love.

That and coffee.  Lots of coffee : ) 

 Have a lovely Friday my friends! I appreciate you all so much!   xoxo


  1. Dear Friend, This is so beautiful. And so very true. Just when I think it couldn't get any more scary, something else happens! Steve and I have avoided the news too. It is actually unbelievable, some things. I just want to shout, "How do you people not see what is happening??? How is this ok with you??" But, like you, I don't. I live here in my own little world and pray. Hugs and love! Miss you!

  2. I understand and agree---but hang in will get better. We are celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary today, the 11th. We've seen (and been through) a lot! So glad we've done it together...and with our 3 sons. Enjoy your blogs, both of you--Danielle and Billy Jo. :) Jane in Florida