Friday, March 29, 2024

Happy Easter! ♥


Wishing you all a happy and blessed Easter 

I will be busy the next few days preparing for my family coming over.  It's been very weird this week without my mom, but I'm carrying on.  Tomorrow I'll be baking all her Easter dessert recipes and on Sunday we will gather in her honor.  I know she will be smiling down on all of us, happy we are together celebrating this most sacred holiday.  She always made it special for us.  

Here I am one Easter (1978 I believe). Don't you love our harvest GOLD couch??  I bet you had one just like it!  You can't tell from this photograph but the wallpaper matched the couch!  Oh, it was a scene! LOL 

Have a wonderful weekend friends and...

Happy Easter! xoxo


  1. Happy Easter Friend! Biggest hugs to you and your family. You're honoring your Mom so beautifully by gathering, remember, baking her recipes....some of the ways she is with you always. Love the pic! I remember a green couch we had kind of like that. Boy do I see John in you in that pic. :) Blessings ✝️🌷

  2. Sending my love for your family this Easter. Holidays are always the hardest. I love the way you are honoring your Mother. Much blessings for you and yours.

  3. Oh my goodness!! You were such a cute kid! I agree, it's so weird for me too not having my mom here. I miss her. Easter was her favorite holiday. I know our moms will be smiling down on us and with us in spirit. Thinking of you this weekend. Happy Easter!

  4. What a cute picture of you! I know these first holidays are so hard, but I hope the sweet memory of your mom will comfort you as you make your Easter preparations.

  5. Happy Easter! I was never really sure who John looked like but now I know! I'm sure Easter was hard without your mom, but I will share with you something a medium (and a Catholic!) told me: "People think Heaven is up in the sky somewhere, but it's not. Heaven is right here, all around us, and your loved ones are not "looking down" - instead they are right beside us." I loved that so much.