Monday, April 1, 2024

A New Week ♥

Good Morning Friends!  

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I'm having a bit of breakfast this morning, taking advantage of some leftovers we have from our brunch yesterday. You can always tell the day after a holiday because the fridge is stacked : ) 

We had a very nice Easter.  We went to a beautiful Easter vigil mass at our church on Saturday night. On Sunday my family came for brunch around 11. John and my Dad hid eggs for the little ones which was really fun.  Yes, it was strange without my mom.  I was trying to keep busy cooking and serving food, but it was always in the back of my mind that she wasn't there.  However, I know she would be so happy (she IS so happy) that we were all together carrying on traditions, especially for my Dad 

  Anyway, I was so busy I forgot to take pictures!!  We had eggs (which Rob cooked for me - he was the egg guy!:), fried potatoes, maple bacon (which I almost burned but I didn't), ham and cheese sliders (which were a hit), and baked French toast.  I loved the French toast.  I got the recipe from my friend Jan who brought it to a brunch our friend Lisa's house a few months ago. I splurged on the Brioche bread but seriously, it made all the difference! I'll link the recipe here.  We had fruit and tons of desserts too.  After everyone left and we cleaned up the house, we went for a long walk around the neighborhood, which was so nice.  It was actually a beautiful, sunny day (which is rare lately) and it felt good to get some fresh air and process the day. 

And now I can't believe it's April 1st!  I have a very busy work week with meetings and two training sessions that will done over zoom.  On Friday night my nephew is making his confirmation, so we'll be going to that and dinner afterwards.  Rob is his sponsor : )  This weekend I unfortunately have to start seriously looking for a car.  I say unfortunately because I hate car shopping, especially when it's something you have to do, not WANT to do.  My car has been acting up for the past couple of months and I had a feeling something was not quite right.  Apparently my engine has something called "blow-by" which I don't really understand, I just know it's bad.  It has to do with compression in the engine ????  Basically I'm on borrowed time! If it were up to me I would just have Rob go by something and bring it home.  I'm not picky. But he insists I go with him to endure the torture.  Too many choices.  I like it simple (and affordable: ). So we'll see what happens.  Saturday is the day.  I told him I require a large coffee to take with me while we "shop around." UGH. 

I'm planning burgers and salads for dinner tonight and want to stop working by 4 this afternoon so I  can have a little tea time with me and my book.  I've been reading The Wife Upstairs and I'm really into it.  I've also been thinking about maybe reviving my YouTube channel.  I would like to maybe do some recipe demos, so I'm going to jot down some notes.  It's been a few years since I filmed anything but looking back it was something I enjoyed.  I'm trying to be better at taking time for myself, so we'll see. It's a new month and my head is full of new ideas and wonder. I'm strangely motivated and I feel like I should go with it before it disappears! lol  

Have a great Monday, friends! Thanks for stopping by today.  

I hope wherever you are, you have sunshine! 

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  1. Sounds like it was such a lovely Easter. And I'm so glad you made it through the really tough bits. Everything sounded so yummy! I know what you mean - my fridge is stacked right now too. And I forgot to take real pics too! Lol Love the idea of your youtube channel. That sounds awesome! 💗 Blessings on your week and hope you get some Springy weather. 🌷xoxo