Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

It’s two days before Valentine’s day and I was just roaming around the house making sure there are enough signs of the holiday showing to make us all feel festive. I’ve always loved Valentine’s days. Even when I was single, I didn’t mind. It’s an excuse to eat chocolate and that’s good enough for me. Like most things now, Valentine’s Day has taken on a new meaning. Last night my son and I sat down and wrote out HIS Valentine cards. As I watched him happily scribble his name on each Mickey Mouse card to his grandparents and cousins, I was taken back in my own mind to days of sending Valentines and having parities in school. Somewhere along the way those simple things get lost as you get older. Everyone expects to get something big and expensive just because it’s another holiday. When in fact it’s just a day to be a happy and celebrate the love of family and friends. (and eat chocolate) What could be better than that?

I’m planning my Valentines menu for Monday night . We stopped going out to eat on Valentines Day a long time ago. Mostly because the restaurants are crowded, overpriced, and sometimes the menus are limited. They also seem to rush you. When I go out to eat I like to enjoy and take my time. I hate it when it’s crowed. Anyway, I think I’m going to make one of my hubby’s favorites - chicken and mushrooms in wine sauce over rice. (I’ll post the recipe after Monday w/ pictures). I’m also going to make one if his favorite things in the world - roasted garlic! It’s sooooo delicious. I realize this is risky to do on Valentines days, but if we both eat it, then it’s okay : ). For desert I’m making something special for my little one - chocolate covered strawberries! YUM!

This is my new Valentines tablecloth I got at Kohl’s the other day for $4.99!!!! I love Kohl’s!

By the way, I have one question. If something is made from a box mix, does that mean it’s not really homemade?

Case in point….

I think Not! Looks (and tastes) good enough for me: )

Happy Valentines Day. Remember happiness is homemade (even if it’s from a box) and the best things in life are the simple things. Love the ones you're with!

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