Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Starry Night

So what did you all think of the Oscars last night? 

I was glued to my TV from 5:30 on to see all of the red carpet arrivals.  The theme of the show was old-time Hollywood and the stars didn't disappoint. 

There were so many beautiful gowns it was hard to pick just one as "my favorite".

If I were a star, what would I wear to the Academy Awards?  How would I choose?

These ladies have it tough (it must be awful! : )

My favorite trends were the lighter color dresses, like this one that Cameron Diaz wore.  I thought she looked amazing!

I also loved the gold Marchesa gown that Stacy Keibler wore.  The perks to dating George Clooney are never ending... : )

I thought Giuliana Rancic looked amazing as well.  Her hair and makeup was absolutely beautiful.  She had the most gorgeous lip color on.  It's hard to see in this photo, but it was stunning. A+

Aside from the whites and creams there were also splashes of color, like this dress that Michelle Williams wowed us in.  So pretty!

I also loved this 1950's vintage dress that Natalie Portman wore. 

But I think my most favorite of the night has to be this Tom Ford  gown that Gwyneth Paltrow wore.  I loved the look of the cape with the simplicity of the dress.  It was very elegant and perfect for the Oscars.  There was a definite wow factor when she came down the red carpet.  She was flawless. I loved it : )

Overall I thought the show was great!  I cried when Octavia Spencer gave her acceptance speech - so happy for her.  I know now that I MUST see the Artist.  (am I the only one who has not seen it yet?). 
I'm going to try to talk the hubbie into it this weekend.  I would also like to see Hugo.  Truthfully, I was not that interested before, but with all the sneak peeks during the show I am now dying to see it!

The magic of the movies is a beautiful thing.  Movies can transport us anywhere we want to go and into whomever we want to be.  They inspire us to dream.  Relateable characters remind us that we are not alone. They comfort us.  There is nothing like a good movie - one that gives us a laugh, or (even better) a good cry.  Movies we love remain in our hearts forever and sometimes spark memories or feelings of the time we saw them.  I remember the first movie my parents took me to, the first movie my husband and I saw together ( I still have the ticket stub) and the first movie I took my son to.  Movies can sometimes touch us so deeply we are inspired to make changes within ourselves.  And sometimes they make us feel so good we believe anything is possible.  And sometimes we just want to laugh.  And that's reason enough for me to go to the movies (or curl up on the couch and get one on Netflix : )


  1. My favorites were the lighter colors/nudes too! Loved Giuliana Rancic and Sandra Bullock. My Oscars post will be up tomorrow -- a day late! xo


  2. There are so many beautiful dresses...I really don't know which one is my favourite!

    I have to admit I have to be 'in the mood' to watch a movie..I love funny films and try my best to avoid ones that I know are going to make me cry lol.

    Gemma x

  3. Cameron Diaz and Giuliana Rancic... very very nice! But would have been nicer in black.

    Angelina Jolie: wrong outfit, skinny, undernourished leg "IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT IT, DON'T FLAUNT IT!"

    There were lots of lovely outfits, some weren't too nice. All in all... it's showbiz!



  4. Hi Danielle, I agree on Cameron Diaz. She looks gorgeous and she is definitely one of my favorite female actresses! Have a beautiful evening!

    Kristin xo

  5. The Minute I set my eyes on your posts glitter explodes throughout the atmosphere angels and fairies dance across the room the world shines rainbow colors I love your blog keep posting baby X mercury moonshine dutchess

  6. I was glued to the Oscars the whole time too! I thought Natalie Portman looked stunning in her vintage dress! I just saw "The Artist" tonight as it started showing at our local theatre tonight. I took Hunter & a friend to the movies and I stayed and went in and saw 'The Artist" by myself. I thought it was so good and the music was so refreshing. And Danielle, you will love the ladies' fashions...they really knew how to dress like women in the 1920's and 1930's. Such a well told story for no dialogue too! Angie xo
    ps- do you watch Mad Men?