Friday, June 20, 2014

A New Hampshire Getaway! ♥

Hello Friends!
I am just back from four days in beautiful New Hampshire! On Tuesday morning we packed up the car and drove about 3 hours to Lincoln, NH.  We stayed in a condo with my parents, right on Loon Mountain.  What a view we had!
The condo had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, and balcony.
We cooked all our meals (except lunch) in.  It was so nice after a long day at an amusement park or the pool to just come home, shower, and relax.  Thank you MOM for taking care of us! ♥♥ And to DAD for making us a yummy breakfast on Thursday! ♥♥
We had had a Jacuzzi tub that SOMEONE took advantage of.... do you think we used a little too much bubble soap????!!!! WOW! This was very interesting!

We used the indoor and outdoor pool every day!
But for me it was all about the mountain views! This was taken from our balcony.  I can only imagine this in the Fall! The colors must be spectacular! : )

On Wednesday we took John to Santa's Village.  It's a Christmas themed amusement park in Jefferson, NH.  So much fun! I used to go when I was a little girl and not much has changed since then.  I like to imagine him riding the same rides as I used to when I was little.  One of the best parts of being a parent is seeing things through your kids eyes.  Right now I see happiness, joy, excitement, and silliness.  All the best things!
There were no crowds so we were able to ride the rides two or three times! Sweet!

They also have water slides, which are the best part! ♥

On Thursday we took a ride to North Conway Center.  It was a perfect day for browsing in and out of stores.  My favorite is Zeb's General Store.  
It's very old fashioned with wood floors and penny candy!

So much to pick from! John had money to spend and he chose a bag of licorice to take home.  It lasted about 30 seconds!

Old fashioned Coke machine!

I couldn't leave without visiting the Christmas corner.

After that we walked over to the Train Station across the street to take a peek at the trains.

Browsed the five and dime....

And had an iced coffee at my favorite coffee house and art gallery.  This is a cool place : )
Small town America. 

It was a lovely get away.  We had lots of laughs and lots of fun!  But every good thing must come to an end sometime.  This morning we packed up the car and home sweet home we came!

As we speak I'm elbow deep in laundry, laundry, laundry!  You've Got Mail is on and I'm listening to it as I settle back in to my routine.  As good as it feels to get away for a while, it's even better coming home.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own comfy bed tonight and having coffee in my favorite mug in the morning.  It's the little things ♥

Happy Days!!! xoxo


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful getaway! I've never been to New Hampshire, only passed through on our way to Maine. I'm always looking for a getaway destination that's not too far of a drive, I'll have to keep New Hampshire in mind.
    Welcome back & enjoy the weekend, Danielle!

  2. I love this part of our country! It was lovely seeing it on your blog. Santa's Village is a charming place for children--I know your son enjoyed it. North Conway is beautiful little town--hometown America for sure. Our daughter lives in NH and we enjoy visiting the sights you vacationed. ♥

  3. Ohhh! I love it!
    I have never been...and dream of going to New England. : )
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and trip.
    And I love your beautiful selfie!

  4. We often drive through New Hampshire on our way to Prince Edward Island from Ontario, always stop at Zeb's when we pass through North Conway, love it!

  5. Oh my! New Hampshire looks like a gorgeous place to visit! Those mountain views are breathtaking! I'm glad you got to get away for a few days to enjoy the sights and sounds with your family. LOVE the photo of John in the Jacuzzi tub! I would adore browsing the Old General Store, too! Thank you for allowing me to take this virtual tour of New Hampshire with you. Hopefully, you've caught up with your laundry by now. I have to agree; sleeping in one's own bed is the best part about coming home. xoxo