Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Heartfelt Home Cafe: Christmas Edition ♥


Hello Friends! Welcome back to the Heartfelt Home Cafe.  Today is December 30th.  Christmas is over and we are in that hazy space between Christmas and New Years.  I don't know about you, but I am wiped out! Our Christmas was wonderful, but exhausting.  I've eaten too much and feel like I could sleep for a week!  My house is a mess so I thought this would be a perfect time for a little escape....

Care to join me?


Here in the North East we had a wet Christmas.  No snow, just rain... Boo! But here at the Heartfelt Home Café there is a beautiful blanket of white that makes our view look just like your favorite Christmas card ♥

It's a marshmallow world just outside our window.  Everything sprinkled with sparkling white as far as your eyes can see.  You don't have to drive it in, just open your eyes and enjoy.
It's cold though, so please step inside, won't you?
I have a hot cup waiting just for you...

I know you've eaten far too many cookies this week (I know I have) but here in our café calories don't count. 
Don't you just love it here? : )

I've decorated with candles, greens, and holly berries.  It's warm & rustic and looks very beautiful. 
Come in and take a seat.  I'll be right over with some yummy goodies I've prepared just for you...

By the way, do you like how I decorated the windows with candy canes?

(real talk: I might really do this at home next year! I think it's adorable : )
Don't forget we have our friendly florist right next door.  This morning he brought us over this bucket of cut greens to place by the front door.  Simple and elegant. The smell of the fresh pine will greet you and you enter the café.

It's chilly, so how about some hot coco to warm you while we talk? This one has whipped cream and marshmallows.  Oh yes!
How was your holiday?
My son woke up at 4:30 am on Christmas morning.  This is truth! He said he was too excited to sleep.  I told him it was still the middle of the night and urged him to go back to sleep.  He did not.  Remembering what it was like to be seven I finally gave up at 5:30.  Our day started early.  I told Rob to make the coffee and we went into the family room to see what Santa had brought.  He was SO happy! All my stressing over the past two months paid off just to see the expression on his face. 
♥♥♥ Priceless! ♥♥♥

The expectations of Christmas are always so high and I feel the pressure.  Nothing ever goes the way you plan it in your head.  Once the day comes its such a relief to me.  Do you ever feel that way?
 A happy boy is all I care about.  Everything else will work itself out.

A festive latte just for you.....xo

After a holiday I need time to myself to recharge my batteries.  I love being around people, but after so many hours of talking I feel the need to be still.  Silent.  I gain energy from quiet.  A nice book always does the trick. 
Did I mention my son got a drum set for Christmas? I'm going to need lots of books! LOL

Speaking of books, I'm looking for some recommendations for the new year.  Right now I'm not reading anything.  I just finished (yet another) historical fiction phase and I'm looking for a change. 
Any suggestions?
What have been your favorite books of the year?

I've been thinking a lot about the new year and what my intentions will be. I don't really care for the term "resolutions" because I'm not really trying to resolve anything.
It's more like I have the best intentions of accomplishing things.   

I would like to spend more time outside in 2015.  Walking, riding my bike, gardening.  I realized in 2014 that being outside really elevates my mood.  The is something to the power of fresh air in the lungs - even if it's just for 10 minutes a day.

I would also like to concentrate on more healthy eating for my family.  I've been researching healthy recipes to make and would like to come up with some sort of meal plan for my week.  Lately I've felt a bit lost in the kitchen (hence my lack of recipe posts) and I would really like to get my groove back.
If you know of any health meal sources (blogs, websites, cookbooks, or your own recipes) please let me know.  I am in a cooking rut that I need to get out of. 

I have blogging intentions too.  I would like to try to do more frequent posts and I mentioned the healthy recipes so stay tuned for that.  I would also like to visit our café at least once month because I think we all really like it here ♥
And I know I spend way too much time on Pinterest anyway, so why not put it to good use : )

I've been thinking about doing a photo challenge.  The other day I was scrolling through my camera roll and I discovered I have more photos of food than I do people! Is that right? I am going to challenge myself to take more photos this year and capture moments of my day that aren't just my salad - even though I still will be photoing my salad!
I will try to compile them and post "my week in pictures " or something like that at the end of every week.  If I give myself an incentive, then I will do it. 
What about you?
Do you have any intentions/resolutions for the new year?

We had all of Christmas week off and it was wonderful having everyone home.  Especially this past weekend.  After all the hype, it was nice to be lazy.  I did manage to see two movies last week. I saw Into the Woods and Annie. 
I liked them both.  I did not know that Into the Woods was a full on musical! That surprised me. I enjoyed it even though the singing was a bit awkward at times.  I thought Meryl Streep as the wicked witch was awesome! She made the movie for me. 
I had low expectations of Annie because I loved the 80's version with Carol Burnett so much! That movie was a part of my childhood and I'm not a big fan of change.  I'm happy to say I loved the new version.  I thought they did a great job modernizing the plot and the cast all did great.  My son loved it and has been singing Annie songs ever since.
Did you see either of these movies? What did you think?

Well, we had a lovely chat, didn't we? I'm so glad you stopped by today!
The coffee and the goodies were delicious, but I especially loved your company.
I would just like tell you how grateful I am to this community we have built together this year.  Thank you for taking the time to be a part of it.
I have made very special friendships that I cherish and look forward to talking to all of you soon!

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year!



  1. This was lovely!
    Just what I needed this morning, my friend...
    I love this week too!
    Resting and reading and still nibbling on those cookies!
    Looking forward to reading your posts this new year!
    And I agree...all the worry and planning and ordering is worth it on Christmas morning!

  2. First time here! Your blog is lovely!

  3. Hello Danielle! I loved stopping into the cafe today! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! It didn't snow here either! We, too, had a rainy Christmas. The holidays are almost over for us. Monday, my hubby goes back to work, and my daughters return to school. I will miss our time together, but I'm also looking forward to life getting back to "normal". To answer your question, we watched Into the Woods on Christmas day. I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed with it. It seemed like such a great cast (Meryl Streep & Johnny Depp) and story line, but I found it quite boring at times. I, too, was unaware that it was a musical. My husband really disliked it. I have to admit, it seemed to drag on forever. I would not recommend this movie. I would like to see Annie, now that you and a couple other friends have recommended it. I, like you, am a big fan of the old "Annie", so I was afraid this version might not live up to my expectations. Now that I've heard such good reviews, I think I'll go see it. Happy New Year! I look forward to more visits at the Cafe with you! xoxo

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