Monday, June 22, 2015

Blueberry pie and other loves of the week ♥

Hello Friends!
And just like that another week has gone by.  I hope you had a good one! Here are some of my favorite things of the week:

We had a lot of rain this week...I mean...a lot! But after it was over I went outside and found this! My hydrangeas are blooming! Such a beautiful sight to behold.  I love this bush because it has so many flowers that I don't feel guilty cutting some to bring inside.  ♥

Last day of school.  And just like that I have a 3rd grader!
This guy is on summer vacation!
Hubby and I are huge fans of Carlo Rossi wine. In the summer we like the Sangria.  It's very fruity and delicious.  We christened our first bottle on Saturday night.  So gooood!
I had an ugly visitor this week.  Ugh.  You would think that after turning (OMG) forty, this wouldn't happen anymore.  Apparently that's not the case.  My chin has always been an issue for me and every once in a while I have nasty flare ups. Over the years I've tried everything on the market to get rid of them, but all I end up getting is dry irritated skin on top of the problem.  Until now.  I tried Neutrogena's On the Spot treatment and I was blown away with the results.  Within one day my blemish started shrinking and the cream did not dry out my skin.  After two days it was almost completely gone.  I am definitely keeping this on hand for next time! Oh, and I only paid under $5 for it at Wal-Mart! Bonus!
I read online that Alan Leech (a.k.a Tom Branson) will be returning for the final season of Downton Abbey in January! Did you hear me scream?  I'm so happy about this because Tom is one of my favorite characters on the show.  I was so heartbroken at the end of last season when he announced that he was leaving and everyone said their tearful goodbyes at the Christmas party.  It was emotional.  When I read this article I literally did a happy dance!
Crock pots are the best!!!! I made BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for a family dinner Saturday night.  The crock pot did all the work! : )
And blueberry pie for my Dad for Father's Day.
I followed this recipe that I posted a few years ago.  It's my tried and true recipe that comes out perfect every time!
Check it out here....blueberry pie...if you want!
And here I am this morning having my coffee in the morning light of summer.  The living room is so bright in the morning (I'm actually squinting).  Either that or the caffeine just hadn't kicked in yet. Sometimes it takes a few cups.... : )
As usual I've been night stalking the stars. 
So many beautiful ones up there and I have a wish for every one ♥
So that's it for me. What are you loving this week?
Have a happy Monday! It's summer!!!! xoxo


  1. Hello Danielle! Happy Summer! What a lovely post filled with such happy things! That pie!! 💗 School is out for my girls in just three days! My oldest graduates from grade 8 tomorrow! It's going to be an exciting, but very emotional week for me! 😚

  2. It's finally Alice's last day of school today!! She joins John in the Summer Club. That blueberry pie looks amazing!! I have to make a pie for a get together in a couple of weeks and I think a blueberry pie is in order. :)

  3. Good Morning Danielle hope your day is off to a grand start! Enjoyed this post so much! So happy, bright and sunny!! :0D The Blueberry Pie looks amazing, Blueberry Pie is a fave around here, so I'll definitely be trying this one. Have a lovely day my friend :0} ~ Marge ~

  4. your hydrangeas are beautiful. I think my dream garden would consist of peonies, roses, hydrangeas. I do have them all already, but not to the extent I would like!

    Oh how I hear you with the spots issue. I'm 43 and thought that all I'd have to worry about at this age was grey hair and wrinkles, but no. Grey hair, wrinkles, thickening waistline and SPOTS!!! It's cruel. I am going to see if we have that Neautrogena stuff over here, if we do, I'm stocking up. I have the same trouble with dry skin on top of the spots. I've been using Freederm, which is ok, but I have to be careful with it.

    Have a lovely weekend x