Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Happy 9th birthday!!! ♥♥♥

Today my John celebrated his 9th birthday! I can hardly believe how fast time has gone by.
It makes me  sad when I think about how it was only yesterday I was holding a little bitty baby in my arms. In a blink 9 years have passed.  How did this happen?
But then I think about all the wonderful and fun things that are still to come and I smile again : )
He's grown into such a smart, funny, talented young boy. He loves to sing and dance and makes me laugh every day.  He plays the drums, loves to draw and do art projects, and does magic tricks too. 
He's not very interested in sports, loves to go to the movies, and says he'll be an actor one day.
His room is a mess but there is never a hair out of place on his head. He uses more styling products than I do!
He loves Elvis, hates going to bed early, and likes to roller blade with Daddy. His favorite TV shows are on the Disney Channel and he wouldn't touch a green vegetable if you paid him!
(I'm still working on that one! ugh)
That's pretty much him in a nutshell! ♥

We celebrated tonight at my parent's house with burgers and fries (by his request) and funfetti cake for dessert, which he helped me make last night.

Since he LOVES Elvis I made a few decorations for the cake : )
I think for a kid birthdays and Christmas are just about the best days of the year. I can still remember how I used to feel and there truly is nothing like that excitement. Feeling so incredibly special and getting all the attention.
How happy it makes me to see that in my son's eyes : ) 
Tonight before bed he said that he wished his birthday wasn't over... 
The good news is that there will be another one next year and I can't wait to see that birthday smile again...♥
Happy birthday John! We love you! xoxoxo
PS: It's very ironic that John is such an Elvis fan because August 16th is the anniversary of the day Elvis died.  When I was in the hospital in labor I remember there was a TV in the room and Rob had it on CNN.  There was live coverage from Graceland because fans had gathered for a candlelight vigil to celebrate Elvis's life.  Rob and I have always been Elvis fans and I've actually been to Graceland twice with my Mom.  I guess being a fan is in our blood ♥


  1. Happy Birthday John!!!!!!
    And mommy...nine is still little.
    I say that because I have a little one turning seven soon!!!!!
    Your son sounds a lot like my Rhett!
    They would get along so well!!!!
    Great day for your boy!
    Hugs, my friend!

    1. I have always thought they would get along great! They have seem to have a lot in common! Thank you for the birthday wishes! Time goes by tooooo fast! : )
      Have a happy Wednesday! xo

  2. Please wish John a happy birthday from me! What a special day he had! I love the fact that he's an Elvis fan! Elvis is a favorite of mine, too. You're right, birthdays and Christmas are such exciting days for children. I'm an adult, and I still get excited for my birthday and Christmas! Love and hugs...xoxo