Friday, September 16, 2016

Moving swiftly along... ♥

Why all of a sudden does summer feel so far in the past? Didn’t it just happen? This morning it was so chilly that I reached for my warm cardigan and corduroys to wear to work. I almost put on my favorite pair of leather boots, but reluctantly decided to wait – good news is that I know it’s going to be soon : ) 

Crazy thing is only three short weeks ago we were at the beach.  Hard to believe!

It's apple season! 

 Things change fast here in New England. You blink and it’s done.  The foliage is only at its beginning stages. 

I’m on daily watch. 

On Monday I spent the morning cleaning my house. I had the house to myself so I put on this CD and I was in heaven.  I finished putting out the last of my fall decorations and then on a whim I decided to hang lights around my kitchen window.  I usually wait until November to do this, but I was I was in the mood….so here you are.  Too soon?  I don’t think so either.   

Something about these cute little fairy lights makes the kitchen so cozy.  I’m big on lighting.  I like to shut everything off except these and just enjoy the glow : )  Rob made a funny comment (something like  “Merry Christmas!”) but I just smiled and drank my tea.  I think he secretly loves it. Maybe for Christmas I’ll change them to colored lights, but for now I’m in love with these white ones ♥♥♥


That night I made a chicken pot pie for dinner and it felt like a holiday in my home.  I love nights like that.


So, fourth grade is off to a great start.  Last night was parent’s night at school.  I saw John’s classroom and met the teacher (God bless her!).  Looking at the first and second grade classes, this one seems so big.  He has binders and notebooks and it all seems so grown up (I’m struggling with being happy/sad/happy/sad). This year he’s going to be playing the drums in the school band, which he’s been waiting for since second grade.  He also signed up for junior drama, so we'll have another Christmas show to look forward too.  It’s going to be a fun year for him. He is very excited!  

I’m taking things one day at a time ♥ (you mom’s out there get it : )

Let’s eat….

I know I’ve posted this before (here), but since John has been back to school I’ve been making him this snack so I thought it deserved a repost.  He’s still getting used to his new schedule – going to bed early and getting up early. It’ll take some time to shake off the summer.  After school he’s absolutely starving and I’m trying to find healthy alternatives for him.  If I don’t plan ahead and have something ready, he’ll eat anything and everything in sight.  This seems to tide him over so things don’t get too crazy. 

I saw this in Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Magazine a few years ago.  It’s so simple! I like it for an afternoon snack for ME as well.

All you do is lightly toast an English muffin.  Then top it with sliced apples and a few thin slices of cheese.  Then toast again. Done! 

Martha suggests using cheddar cheese (which is delicious) but Swiss also works really well. It gets nice and "melty" over the apples.  

The apples will get warm and slightly soft.  It's soooo good!  This snack also proves my point that you can melt cheese on anything and it will taste good. ♥

Thank you for visiting me today! I appreciate it so much! Have a virtual pumpkin spice latte with me on Saturday, won't you?   

Cheers to fall!  xo 

I wish you all a very wonderful weekend doing something you love with someone you love! ♥♥♥


  1. Hi dear friend!
    I adore this entire post, but you know that right?!
    Your lights are cozy!
    It's fall!!!

  2. I love your window and twinkle lights! and yup my hubby makes comments like that too - Men?

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