Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Rainbow Connection ♥

I think I must have been around 9 or 10 when I first heard Karen Carpenter sing.  I remember my parents had a 45 record of Top of the World that I would listen to on the living room stereo.  I had no idea who she was or what she looked like, I just knew she had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. 
When I was in my early teens I bought a cassette tape of The Carpenters Greatest Hits.  I listened to it so much I practically wore it out. And then came the Christmas album, Christmas Portrait, which is still my favorite holiday album of all time. Every Christmas I would check it out of the library and listen to it over and over.  Oh, how I loved it so!  It wasn't until I was much older that I learned how sad she was, how she had anorexia, and died so young.  This was before the Internet so information didn't travel as quickly as it does now.  All I knew is that I loved her voice, and Rainy Days and Mondays was my song in junior high.
You know how certain songs stir up nostalgia in you? Whenever I hear a Carpenters song I am instantly taken back to those early days when I was hearing Karen for the first time.  Listening to her now with my adult ears my heart breaks for her, but my little 12 year old ears only hear happiness and joy coming from the little cassette player in my bedroom. 
So why am I telling you this? Well, on Friday I accidentally came across a Carpenters recording that I had never heard before.  It's another song that I LOVE and I couldn't believe that I had never heard this version before. 
One of my favorite songs is The Rainbow Connection, from the original Muppet Movie (1979).   I have heard many, many versions of this song over the years and  aside from Kermit himself, none as beautiful as The Carpenters. 
There's something about the words to this song and the feelings it stirs up in me that makes me so comforted to hear it.  I think about the innocence of my childhood when my parents were young and I had not a care in the world.  I loved the Muppets (still do!) and seeing The Muppet Movie for the first time on HBO was such a thrill! (we had just gotten cable) Remember Kermit riding his bike? I still don't know how they did that :)
So now that you understand my love for these two can image my joy when I stumbled across a YouTube video of The Carpenters singing Rainbow Connection. I was so emotional my eyes filled with tears ♥
I wanted to share with you the link to the song so you could hear it for yourself.  I hope you listen and enjoy it.  It's my way of bringing us together. 
If my life had a soundtrack, this song would be it.
In these uncertain times we live in I hang on to the things that comfort family, my friends, and my memories ♥
I'm sure John will have his own nostalgic moments like I do someday. 
And that's a really nice thing to think about....♥
Have a wonderful Monday, friends! I'm so grateful for you! xx
the lovers, the dreamers, & me


  1. I love that song!!!!!
    It was my favorite when I was younger too!!!!!
    Thanks for the Karen Carpenter version...had not heard that yet.
    Have a cozy day, my friend.

  2. And I am so grateful for YOU! Thank you for sharing the link to the Carpenters version of this song. It's beautiful...the words, the melody, and Karen's voice! I didn't grow up hearing any of The Carenters music, so this is new to me. I know exactly what you mean by the nostalgia you feel, though. I feel it too when I listen to Kenny Rogers (The Gambler album) and Hank Williams Sr. (Greatest Hits). Their music was always playing at our house, first on LPs and then on cassette tapes. My dad, in particular, loved Country music. It gives me such a warm, happy feeling inside whenever I revist those songs. Happy Monday, dearest! XO

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