Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Wow, wasn’t it just Halloween? 

And since Thanksgiving is a celebration of blessings I wanted to be sure I took the time to tell you how thankful I am to you all ♥

To all my virtual friends  whom I’ve become so close with over the years.  I so look forward to hearing from.  You have enriched my life in endless ways and for that I will be forever grateful ♥

I will think of you tomorrow morning as I take my first sip of coffee and turn on the Christmas tree...

 I will think of you as John, Rob, and I have cinnamon rolls for breakfast and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.  I’ll think of you as I gather around the table with friends and family and say grace.  I’m sure I will eat too much turkey, but I’ll save you a piece of homemade pie!

 And when it’s all over and I lay my head down to sleep (and no doubt my FULL belly)  I will count my blessing and you can be sure you will be included! ♥

Happy Days to you, lovelies!  Cheers! Xx

(p.s I'm also grateful to pinterest for all the beautiful vintage pictures... : ) 


  1. So very thankful for you, my friend!
    Your tree is stunning!
    And your home is so very cozy.
    Would you believe we are having cinnamon rolls and watching the parade too?!?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. And I feel so very thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Rob, John, and your dear parents. I'll be watching the Macy's day parade along with you. I'm recording it, too! XOXO