Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our weekend ♥

Hello from the sick house!  John has been home for the past two days with a fever and bad cough.  I know he's "really sick" when he doesn't want to leave the couch and says no to ice cream. He never sits still for more than five minutes so I knew this was serious.  Two days home from school, a Home Alone marathon, and all the hot chocolate he wants tells me he doesn't exactly hate it.  I tried to get him to drink hot lemon water for his throat but he wanted no part of it.  Ok....more hot chocolate it is ♥ 

The good news is today I can see pink back in his cheeks and he says he's feeling better. I think the worst is behind us : ) 

So while he recovers I thought I would show you some pictures from our past weekend. 

We had a huge snowstorm on Saturday.  It started snowing around 11 am and didn't stop until well past midnight.  This is the first big storm we've had this winter.

I had oatmeal with bananas and honey for breakfast.  There may have been some turkey bacon on the side. So good on a frosty winter morning!

I took a quick video of the snow with my phone.  If you follow me on Instagram I posted it there.  I'm trying to be better about posting more videos.  I'm new at it so bear with me ♥ 

The snow makes everything so pretty! It was freezing though!!!! brrrr.....

I'm so grateful to this guy for digging us out.  John went out to play in it while Rob shoveled and snowplowed the driveway.  I stayed inside where it was warm ♥

On Sunday we had my parent's for dinner and I made a roast chicken.  Here he is...all plumped up  with yummy crispy skin.  I stuffed him with lemons, onions, and garlic and basted him with melted butter.  OMG

On the side we had baked potatoes, roasted broccoli, and these cornmeal muffins. 

It was the perfect comfort meal (my favorite kind! : )

And for dessert, the cheesecake I was telling you about.  While the boys were out freezing in the snow (which is probably why John is sick right now), I was keeping the house warm by baking.

I used this Susan Branch recipe.  It's actually baked in a pie shell (no spring form pan needed) and has a  sour cream topping.  It was crazy/dangerous/delicious!

Everything is now frozen in place.  It looks like frosting ♥ 

Hard to believe that in a few short months this frozen ground will have tulips and daffodils sprouting up from it.  That's the beauty of the seasons ~

Sunset through the kitchen window tells me it's tea time ♥

I baked up a quick batch of blueberry muffins for the week. 

They do make the best medicine, you know ♥

And while the days are cold and frosty the nights are clear and starry.  We count our blessings that our bellies are full and we are warm and cozy.  How lucky we are ♥

And that's about it for now.  Fingers crossed tomorrow everyone is healthy and we get back to normal around here.  And I'm not even gonna mention the fact that I might have a little sniffle.....oh no...am I next? I hope not!

Smile, cause we are one day closer to Friday!!  xx


  1. Oh no!
    I hope your little guy is on the mend!!!
    And that you avoid it!!!
    Your meal sounds delicious.
    If we were neighbors, I would come overland you could teach me how to roast a chicken!
    Have a good rest of the week, my friend!

  2. I am new here. I came by Billie Jo's blog. What a cozy post. Cheesecake looks great. I made one this past weekend.

  3. I'm so glad John is feeling better now. Hopefully by now, he's as good as new again. How are you? I hope you didn't end up with a cold. I enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos. That roast chicken looks AMAZING! It's what I'm making for dinner tonight. Happy Thursday, my friend. It's almost Friday again! XO

  4. Just stopping in for a quick peek. It looked like a very warm cozy place I couldn't help but stay awhile. A woman that is very happy being a mom, wife and homemaker, indeed is a beautiful thing!! It is homes like this that truly impart our crazy world for the better. thank you my dear, carry on!! Blessings!!

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