Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Peppermint Fudge ♥

While I was binging on episodes of the Pioneer Woman this weekend, I saw this recipe for peppermint fudge.  It looked so festive and delicious I thought it might be nice for Christmas eve so naturally I had to "test it". 
Only two ingredients....three if you count the peppermints.  I've made fudge in the past and it's always been a process.  A lot stirring and adding ingredients.  This method looked so simple.  And who doesn't love fudge?
All you need is 3 cups of chocolate chips,  a 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk, and 7-8 peppermint candies...
Crushed  ♥ 
Combine the chocolate chips and condensed milk in a double boiler over med heat.  Heat until melted, about 5-7 minutes. 
Cook until the chocolate is nice and smooth...
The smell is insane! My entire kitchen smelled like chocolate. 
I felt like Mrs. Clause ♥
 No lumps ♥
Immediately pour into a foil lined square baking dish.
(I sprayed mine with non stick spray as well just to be safe)
Sprinkle with candy!
Now refrigerate for 2 hours. 
Once set, cut into squares. 
So easy and so delicious!
 We all loved this fudge so much I'm definitely adding it to our holiday festivities!   
We are under two weeks until the big day!  I'm feeling really good.  I mailed all my cards and packages on Monday! That's a major milestone in holiday prep for me.  I won't even talk about how I had to wait in line for 30 minutes at the post office because they only had one person at the counter and the line was out the door.  No biggie.  So glad I had this fudge at home. 
Chocolate is my coping mechanism ♥
Happy Wednesday! xo
 "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...everywhere you go"....


  1. Peyton would Love this!!!!!!
    And you are ahead of me!!!
    Still working on cards...and wrapping.
    But throw on some Christmas music, add some chocolate...and it is all good!
    Hugs my faraway friend!!

  2. Oh, my goodness, do those look good! I could see a few of those pairing well with a nice iced latte. ;)

  3. That fudge looks delish! I love that it's easy to make, too.

  4. This fudge is a perfect dessert for Christmas! And I love how easy it is to make! Thanks for sharing the recipe here with us. Have I mentioned how much I love Ree Drummond? She's awesome!