Thursday, January 24, 2019

Currently: hello from the artic circle : )

Hello my sweet Friends! I hope this Thursday finds you well!  I've been quiet on the blog this week, for no good reason other than...winter....sigh. We've had such a wide range of weather around here lately - from snow, to rain, to ice - with temperatures ranging from 8 degrees a few days ago to today's balmy, rainy 55 degrees!  I know!  The warmer air today is such a relief after the vicious cold on Monday.  Although I'm not getting my hopes up that it will last. I know another artic blast is on its way eventually.  I'm finding myself with very low energy and only going out to go to work and food shop (priorities).  Getting dressed is an effort.  Can't we just live in our pj's until April? 

Ok, it's not all bad.  There's cozy blankets and hot tea and good tv to watch.  I'm enjoying the coziness of it all, but I must admit, these dog days of winter have me spring daydreaming!  I'm grateful for a freezer full of soup, a working crockpot, and my phone - which at times has been my only communication to the outside world.  I'm grateful for a husband who will fly home from work to rescue me because my car is stuck on ice.  I'm grateful for a little boy who makes me laugh when I need it most. I'm grateful for things to look forward to like seeing sweet friends and that is a light at the end of the tunnel.
And I'm grateful that I live where there are seasons, so I know that winter (although beautiful and lovely and cozy at times) is only temporary and my tulips that are buried under the frozen Earth outside my door will indeed bloom again. 

We will survive.  

But until then....

And speaking of pretty (or lack there of...) 

This is SO accurate : ) 

Every. Day.

Looking on the bright side! 

Pinterest always knows how to express exactly how I'm feeling!

You know where to find me if you need me!  

Keep cozy and I'll be back soon : )  xo 


  1. Hi Danielle - you sure have had some cold weather...we have had an exceptionally warm winter here in Portoand, Oregon! I fear my tulips will rise only to put pushed back down by an unexpected February snow??? Whatever comes! ♥

  2. COLD here too!
    Like really cold!
    Remember strolling through Disney when it was absolutely beautiful???
    Hope it isn't this cold in a couple weeks! ; )