Thursday, June 11, 2020

5 Alternate Fantasy Lives ♥

In Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way, she suggests a fun exercise that I've been wanting to try. 
Jot down 5 alternate fantasy lives that pop in your head.  Nothing is too far fetched or outlandish.  What have you always wanted to be?  Remember this is just a fantasy.  
Thinking about this for about 2 minutes here are mine:

1. Librarian.  I've always had a fantasy of working in a library.  I would know every author and title by heart and I would come home from work every day smelling like old books.  I may or may not wear my hair in a bun and ditch my contacts for black rimmed glasses.  A look I've always wanted to try.

2. Museum Curator.  One of my favorite places in Boston is the Museum of Fine Arts.  Every spring  I make a date with myself and spend an afternoon at the museum.  I like to go alone because I can go at my own pace and take in all the beautiful artwork with out distraction. I've always wondered what it would be like to work in a museum and organize the exhibits.  Imagine the education I would be getting everyday. I would be a walking encyclopedia, with I'm certain, a fabulous wardrobe.  Have you ever seen a museum worker that didn't? 

3. The English Countryside: This is a biggie.  I've always had a fantasy of living in a quaint, cozy, country, cottage in England, like Kate Winselt in The Holiday.  Every time I see that movie I want to pack my bags and move to Surrey. How lovely a life it would be.  My cottage would have a name (like most English cottages do)......something like Rosewood or White Cottage.  There would be a fire place in the kitchen and the tea kettle would always be hot.  I would take walks to the village everyday because walking is better than driving.  I may not even own a car.  Did I mention the climbing roses on the fence?  Sigh..

4. Coffee Shop Owner: So I love coffee so much I want to make it my life's work.  My dream job is to own my own bakery/coffee shop.  I want to learn how to make all those cute designs on lattes and when my customers come in I know exactly what they want.  I can would wear cute aprons and have fairy lights hanging in the windows.  The place smells like vanilla coffee and apple cinnamon scones, fresh from the oven.  Frank Sinatra sings in the background and I'm as happy as can be.  You can blame the Hallmark Channel for this one because every movie I love surely has a coffee shop and/or bakery in it and every time I see one I want to jump into the TV and live there.  Especially if it's Christmas time. 

I have one more alternate life left.  What will it be? Should I dream of something crazy like being a New York City Rockette or an award winning pianist?  Well, I don't have the legs to be a Rockette (maybe that's the fantasy??) and I have no room for a piano, so those are both out.  I've always loved the idea of being a novelist. And sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I went to cooking school instead of studying accounting and business (yaaawn...).  What if I were a veterinarian or lived in Florida and worked at Disney World?  I always wanted to be Snow White in the Fantasy Parade.  Unfortunately, now I'm too old. Princesses never age. Maybe I could qualify for the Fairy God Mother?  Or maybe...gulp...the wicked Queen!  I'm thinking the Florida humidity wouldn't do me any favors, so I guess that's out too. 

The fact is I couldn't come up with a 5th alternative fantasy life.  Looking at my 4 choices I realized they aren't that far fetched and could be attainable if I really tried.  Ok, moving to England might be a little tough but I can certainly visit one day.  And I will!  I guess that means I like my life the way it is and wouldn't change that much if given the chance.

 I dream small, but that's OK.  I like small. You don't have to be rich or powerful to be happy.  You don't have to have a title to feel worthy.  The only title I want is the one I already have.  Mom.

I'm pretty happy with the way things are and maybe that was the whole point of this exercise. 

Have you ever thought about an alternate fantasy life?  What would you be if you could be anything you wanted? I would love to know! 


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