Friday, July 9, 2021

How are you? Let's catch up! ♥

Hello Friends! How are you? Happy Friday!  

I've had a busy week which it why I've been quiet around here.  Nothing special, just life happening. Short weeks are always the busiest.  At least where work is concerned.  Everyday I set up my little "office" at my kitchen table and tap away at my computer until dinnertime.  It's not so bad.  I have an unlimited supply of coffee and there is no dress code : ) 

Like most of us, we are dealing with crazy weather!  One day it's 101 degrees and the next it's 50 and raining! I've never seen anything like it.  Today as I type this, it's POURING rain.  It's dark and dreary and I have candles burning everywhere to make it cozy.  I don't mind a summer storm because in the heat I'd rather be inside anyway. At least now I can blame the rain. 

I've been taking it easy on meals the past few weeks.  Quick and simple has been my motto.  Mostly because I'm just too lazy to be creative.  My family doesn't seem to mind.  I love my George Forman grill and will basically grill anything...chicken, steak, porkchops. Pair it with an arugula salad and some bread and we've got ourselves a meal.  I do miss comfort foods this time of year and I'm sure in no time I'll be whipping up chicken pot pies and lasagna again! By August I start to get really antsy for fall and all things associated with it.  How many days until Halloween???

John is having a fabulous summer so far.  He's been to the beach and his cousin's pool, and today he's off to the movies.  Perfect for a rainy day.  I'm so glad he's been busy.  I miss the days when I could keep him occupied with a water table and the sprinkler. Just him and me. I think about those times a lot because they were the happiest in my life. And don't think I don't remind him of that constantly  

This weekend I don't have much planned and I couldn't be happier.  I have food shopping and a few errands to do on Saturday and Sunday will be my cleaning day (it's also my favorite day :).  We are also getting ready for a little trip next week which I'm so excited about! 
Isn't it wonderful to look forward to things! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay Cozy Friends! 

Here's a little wish for you going into the weekend....