Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Roasted Cauliflower Soup ♥

 Hello Lovely Friends! 

Well, I finally got around to putting away my Valentine's Day decorations this weekend.  It always makes me a little sad because I love them so much and they are only on display for a short period of time. Pink hearts and vintage Valentines are nostalgic to me because they remind me of my childhood.  That's what makes them special I guess : ) 

 But we press on!  It's almost March, and SPRING and St. Patrick's day are coming.  It's funny how every month, every season, every holiday has a feel.  You know what I mean. You can feel them coming just by looking around and smelling the smells.  Right now it's all about new beginnings, all things green, fresh, and pretty. 

(well, inside anyway....outside it's gray and slushy, but I'm ignoring that...lol)

Here's a peek at my little plant corner in the kitchen.  An ongoing work in progress. 

It's the brightest spot I have and I think my plants like it here 

So with Spring coming I've been trying to incorporate more veggies into my diet lately (gotta balance the nachos and brownies...#truth).  Anyway, I'm also on a mission to try NEW veggies and try recipes that incorporate ones that I don't usually make.  The produce department is chock FULL of beautiful healthy fruits and veggies that I totally ignore on my way to the bakery department.  What am I missing here?! 

This cauliflower looked interesting to me (and it was on sale!).  I've really only eaten cauliflower on a veggie platter drenched in ranch dip! Yes it's delicious that way, but I wanted to try something else.  I remembered a recipe I pinned for roasted cauliflower soup and since it's still soup season....

Let's try it! 

First we cut and wash it.  Then toss in olive oil and a little salt.  

Now roast! 

The result are these crispy salty nuggets that are so yummy I thought about stopping right here and just eating the cauliflower like this. 

(even John snagged a few from the table as he passed through the kitchen : ) 


Next I sautéed some onion and garlic in olive oil.  

Then added vegetable broth and the cauliflower.  Let all that simmer for a bit..... 

Now it's looking like soup! 

This is where the magic happens 

Add everything to blender.  I added a little butter, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a dash of nutmeg! 

(Just like the makeup influencers on TikTok say "blend, blend, blend!")

It turned out so creamy and delicious!!!!  I was truly amazed because I added NO cream or milk!  It's just the natural smoothness of the blended cauliflower that thickened the soup.  The flavor was....hmmm...I'm kissing the tips of my fingers and throwing them in the air....can you picture that? That's how it was.  Really! 

Here is a link to the recipe I used (here).  

My only complaint is that it only made about four bowls.  I think next time I will roast 2 cauliflowers and double the recipe.  I will definitely be making this soup again.  We all loved it!  

Could cauliflower now be one of my top favorite vegetables? 


I hope you enjoy this recipe and thanks for stopping by today.  I'm off to get yet another cup of coffee, put my earbuds in, and get some work done for the day.  I just heard John has a two hour delay for school today because of snow.  He'll be disappointed they didn't cancel the whole day! Wish me luck as I'm off to deliver this news! Haha! 

Stay cozy everyone! Byeeee! xoxoxoxo 


  1. I have never eaten cauliflower soup, but it sounds yummy. We usually roast our heads of cauliflower with butter and seasoned salt

  2. We love cauliflower just roasted the way you did it before the soup - broccoli too! I find that smitten kitchen has the BEST veggie recipes - I've been trying to incorporate two of them a week into my dinner plans

  3. Happy Spring month my Friend! I found out recently how very Irish I am - I think I need to get some St. Pat's decorations for next year. Lol I went straight to Spring and that is currently all over my home as the wind and snow blows outside. Spring where are you? Sigh. But I do listen to lots of Celtic music so hopefully that helps my Irish cause. 😉 And holy yum on that soup! I've made creamy cauliflower soup before- but not roasted version. I'm stealing that recipe Lady. Thanks for sharing! Stay cozy and have a blessed rest of your week. xo

  4. Oh, my! We would love this soup! Yay for a two-hour delay for John!