Friday, May 26, 2023

Currently: A Few Favorite Things ♥

Hello Lovely Friends! 

Happy Friday! It's been a long and busy week.  I'm SO happy to have made it to Friday's a long weekend! Yay!  We don't have anything planned which as you know, are my favorite plans of all!  All I do know is were are having hot dogs at some point this weekend and I want to pick up blueberries at the farmers market to make cobbler. Otherwise all I want is R&R.  And iced coffee.  There will be iced coffee too : ) 

Aren't these lilacs gorgeous!!  The smell is intoxicating! 

We wait all spring for this French lilac bush to bloom in our front yard.  My mother and I get so excited!  Yesterday I went out there and clipped two beautiful bunches.  One for me and one for her.  Mine didn't last 24 hours. And her's quickly followed.  You know why? Allergies!  We were all sneezing!  John was in a literal frenzy.  Sadly I had to remove them for the house.  The smell was almost overpowering! So from now own we have to admire them from outside, which is totally fine because every time we open the door we get a slight whiff, and that's just enough.  

Lilacs are one of my favorite things about Spring that I'm currently loving (from afar : ).  
Here are a few more current favorites... 

Fresh herbs! 

 It's time to start planting and herbs are always the first plant we get. Specifically basil.  

Nothing beats cooking with fresh basil. This will last all summer! I can't wait to tear the leaves and add them to sauce, pasta, pizza, and more.  Love the fresh smell too! 

I said I would, and I did!  And it was good!  

We are in sourdough Heaven!  I'm obsessed : ) 

This was for last weekend.  I'll be making another loaf on Sunday! 

Two new beauty products I'm currently loving are Burt's Bees Facial Oil and Olay Vitamin C and Peptide moisturizer!  

I use morning and night.  My skin feels smooth and hydrated!  These will take me right into summer as well. The oil is light and has all natural ingredients.  It absorbs beautifully.  I normally use the Olay Regenerist moisturizer but for summer I thought I'd switch to the Vitamin C one.  It's brightening and makes my skin look and feel so nice!  

Emma! Oh Emma!  Believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever read Jane Austen. She's been on my bucket list for a long time and I thought the spring would be a good time to enter my "classics era".  I'm loving it so far.  I didn't expect it to be as witty and funny and it is.  I've laughed out loud a few times already! 

I got a much needed haircut.  I wanted to go much shorter but chickened out at the last minute.  I think it was a good decision though. I'll shorten it gradually so it's not so drastic.  I'm happy with this length.  I also gave myself a color to cover the grays!  I feel like a new person! 


The three of us have been binging this show together! Arrested Development on Netflix.  It's so clever and funny!  

Highly recommend! 

I picked up this cute little summer sweater on sale at Loft today.  I love the lightweight material and fuchsia color!  I'm going to wear it with Khaki pants to my nieces graduation next weekend. She's Valedictorian of her class.  Very exciting! John will be playing in the band during the graduation as well.  After the ceremony we'll be going to a party at my sister in laws.  It will be a fun day!  Praying for good weather! 

Wishing you a wonderful, safe, and happy Memorial Day!!!  I hope you find some peace, quiet, and coziness this weekend, whatever you may be doing!  

Enjoy yourself!  



  1. Oh indeed I am all about R&R this weekend too. I bet your garden is gorgeous and is that fresh baked bread? Wow!

    Allie of

  2. Oh my that bread. And the lilacs! Do you use the oil before the cream? I never know how to use more than one product.😄

  3. I love that fuschia color on the sweater! We have a 5 day weekend here(Fri. thru Tues.) because the school did not use any snow days this year! Perfect for gardening here.

  4. Your skin looks amazing! I'm an Olay fan, but have been using other things for a change. I may need to switch it up. And I love the fuchsia sweater! Great color! Have a wonderfully quiet weekend. I plan to do the same.

  5. That shirt is one of my favorite spring/summer colors. I love it. I used to use Olay but switched to #7 Vitamin C day cream and a night cream and a light serum and I love it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  6. Such a fun and cheerful Spring post! I LOVE lilacs - I'm not sure there's a more heavenly smell. Ours won't bloom here for a while yet. But I get more allergic to strong flowers the older I get too. Sigh
    My girlfriend is having me feed her sourdough while she's gone on a trip and offered me some of it when she gets back. You're inspiring me to want to do that! ;)
    That fuschia sweater is stunning! With your hair - absolutely gorgeous. Your haircut is so cute!
    Off to have another cup of iced coffee. Lol Thanks for the beauty tips too!! I'm going to check those both out. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  7. I'm hoping your long weekend was the bestest! We have a lilac bush that never blooms, I'm wondering if the deer eat it before it gets to blossom...