Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January Photo Challenge Day 5 : Weekend ♥

Day 5 of my January photo challenge is Weekend.  With the bitter cold temps the past few days I'm already getting cabin fever.  Hoping it warms up over the weekend so I can take a nice walk somewhere. Even if I have to bundle myself up like an Eskimo, the fresh clean winter air is bliss in my lungs!
As a matter of fact, I went on a walk yesterday....well, I started to.  I had an idea that I wanted to take a walk down by my favorite summer spot by the ocean.  There is something about visiting the ocean in the winter (even when it's freezing) that is very peaceful to me.  On my way there it started snowing.  Here is a little video I took of me walking through the park towards the ocean (in the snow).

You may recognize that bench in the video.  I have taken many photos sitting in that exact spot.  This is a small beach that mostly harbors boats.  In the summer I like to sit here and watch the boats coming in and out (headed for Boston).  It's very rocky so it's good fun to walk along the shore looking for shells and glass.  I have wasted many a day away here.  It's a much different experience in the winter, but the water is still beautiful and peaceful.  It was so cold that I couldn't stay long.  Besides, I had a steaming café mocha waiting for me in the car ♥

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