Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Our Days ♥

  Some days are just too beautiful to be spent indoors.  Yesterday was one of those days! 

John and I decided to have a picnic lunch at a nearby beach.  

We picked up sandwiches and drinks and headed for our spot.  A picnic table under the trees overlooking the ocean. 

The weather was perfect! 

We talked about what he wants for his birthday and what movies are coming out soon. 

All the important things in life 

I wish these days could last forever.  

Sometimes I wonder about what life will be like when he's all grown up. It's exciting to think about his future but it also makes me sad.

My mommy heart doesn't want anything to change 

But it is.  And it will.  And I'll be OK.  

That's why I cherish days like this.  Our special time.  

With picnics and car rides and silly faces 

He's taller than me now and his voice has changed. 

He's so grown up, but he'll always be my little boy. 

And I tell him that every day! 

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